Midway Shuts Down L.A. Studio

Midway announced it will be combining the operations of Midway Studios in Los Angeles with its San Diego facility. The majority of L.A. studio employees, including the entire development team for Midway's TNA iMPACT! franchise, are being offered the opportunity to transfer to the San Diego facility.

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QueefyB3799d ago

i have a feeling microsoft are behind this because where there is a flop there is microsoft

ElementX3799d ago

Tell that to the developers of Lair

cr33ping_death3799d ago

or say two worlds.....right element, i mean even Lair has a higher rating than two worlds for the 360. right element am i right? look at the links.

ElementX3799d ago

I was never on the hype bandwagon for 2 worlds. But true, that game does suck. I'm just saying that MS isn't the root of all flops

MK_Red3799d ago

Midway is really in trouble. After 30 million dollar Stranglehold bombed and no body bought BlackSite, Hour of Victory and NBA Ballers: Chosen One, I thought they'd go out of business. This is Vegas doesn't look good and Wheelman feels a bit too much like Driver and their best games a T rated MK vs DC...

doshey3799d ago

yes it looks like there are going to be filling for bankruptcy soon cuz come on what great games do they have to save them, blitz the league

decapitator3799d ago

Kinda sucks because my 10 year old brother LOVED Stranglehold. Ah well, hope a some sort of miracle happens for them.

DA_SHREDDER3799d ago

I havent seen a good I.P from them since they made 1942 for the NES

Solbadguy3799d ago

I would of bought Stranglehold LE if it came out the PS3 the same time as the other versions, it didnt so I ended up getting Uncharted, COD4, and Assassin's Creed instead.

marionz3799d ago

Microsoft might buy them or EA after all thats what they do.

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