Resident Evil 4 HD Project – New Comparison Screenshots Show Incredible Graphical Improvements

Modders Albert and Chris are currently working on a HD Texture Pack project for Resident Evil 4. Chris has released a new comparison between the game's vanilla and the modded version, showing the spectacular improvements this duo has achieved so far.

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kainslayer1058d ago

res 4 many times now....where gaming goes to troubles me

Agent_00_Revan1058d ago

This is a fan remake mod because Capcom couldn't be bothered to do anything better than a half assed job handling their 'hd version'.

kainslayer1056d ago

if its is a fan remake than fine with me i hope capcom doesent go the nintendo way with mario unreal

ServerBOT1058d ago

Chris and Albert are there real names.

DarkOcelet1058d ago

Such an awesome coincidence if you ask me.

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JasonKCK1058d ago

Downloaded Village, I'll check it out after work.

scark921058d ago

This is insanely impressive, give these guys a job!

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