GTA V - Los Santos Police Department First Response Mod - First Public Release Incoming, New Trailer

The team behind the LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) Mod for GTA V has released a new trailer for it, and revealed that its first public version will be released soon.

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WilliamUsher1207d ago

Oh wow, that was fast. Usually these mods take a while due to all the scripting involved, but it's cool to see that they're already hard at work on this.

The real meat and potatoes is when the LSPD mod can be used online with other players.

xPhearR3dx1207d ago

What you're looking for is something called Los Santos Life based off the popular mod for Arma III, Altis Life. Once that comes out for GTA V. I will be playing very little other games lol

HammadTheBeast1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

It's pretty amazing how far people go in with the role-play for that mod. It's great.

bmwfanatic1207d ago

Lcpdfr was the best mod for gta 4 imo. I lost many hours to that mod.

1207d ago
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