The Dark Knight Game Confirmed?

G4 The Dark Knight preview with Kristin Holt interviewing Gary Oldman, who plays Jim Gordon in the movie. In the preview Gary Oldman told Kristin with loose lips that there really is "a Dark Knight Game in the works."

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IzKyD13313771d ago

it better not be a crappy movie tie in....i hope they got a worthy developer

Tmac3771d ago

Don't taint this game, there were some very powerful performances.

The Dark Knight3770d ago

i hope they use heaths voice some..or someway :)

Kleptic3771d ago

the movie of the best movies I have seen in a very very long time...Ledger and the writing behind The Joker was nearly flawless...its amazing that the rest of the cast could even keep up...

the pencil magic trick was the single best villain intro to any movie to date...its worth seeing the film for that 10 seconds alone...

INehalemEXI3771d ago

He played a great Joker. R.I.P Heath. It was a great movie to see on the big screen. The choreography was not the greatest though.

ElementX3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Loved Heath.

With the Joker at the end still alive, and I think Two Face could be, I wonder what the next Batman will be about? I didn't know Scarecrow would make a brief appearance, also. He's still around...
Also can't wait to see Bale in Terminator

Staircase3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

It is too bad Heath Ledger isn't around to voice the Joker. He did an amazing job in the movie. RIP.

OOG3771d ago

great movie everyone should see it in theaters and give this movie the respect it deserves

Megatron083771d ago

@ElementX i dont know but I think they probably bring in catwoman in the next movie but dont think she'd be the main villain personally I'd love to see Mr Freeze. After suffering through the god awful Mr Freeze played by Arnold Schwarzenegger it be nice to see it done right.

Anyway its no surprised that they are making a game but it will probably suck like 99% of all movie games.

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grantps33771d ago

heath ledgers performance was one of the best i have seen in any film.

i saw it three times in the first 2 days and i enjoyed it every time.

if they make the game they better do it right

Tmac3771d ago

I'm going to have to agree, I really doubted him but he was one of the best characters I've seen in any movie.

toughNAME3771d ago

Kratos's nickname haaasss always been the The Dark Knight

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