Editorial: The Witcher 3 Will Remain Hot For A Very Long Time

Hope you're not tired of all the hoopla surrounding CD Projekt Red's recently released RPG, because this buzz won't die out any time soon.

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DarkOcelet999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

"there's really nothing in July or August"

There is Until Dawn in 26th August so that's awesome and we don't know what indie games could be released at those times.

Maybe The Tomorrow Children/No Man's Sky/Everybody's Gone To The Rapture/Rime/Hellblade etc etc etc...

Also Persona V has a big chance in releasing in those two months.

I didnt mention Soma because its release date is already revealed in 22nd September.

Erik7357999d ago

To be fair Until Dawn aint gonna be a HUGE title so I won't see it being a huge impact.

Persona 5 though is gonna be pretty big.
Can't wait for that game!

nX999d ago

P5 won't release before December though.

Also no matter what releases in the coming months, The Witcher 3 will keep the RPG for a very long time as it's pretty much everything you'd hope for in a RPG.

ArchangelMike999d ago

What about Batman Arkham Knight? That'll probably occupy people who are not into The Witcher 3. I got The Withcer 3 and was also going to get Arkham Knight, but after the DLC fiasco, I'm holding out for the GOTY edition.

Summons75999d ago

Persona 5 will be a holiday game. There is no way they are going to release it that soon without a major marketing campaign.

RAM0N 999d ago

Im looking forward for hellblade and drawn to death

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Hellsvacancy999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

I've not long had a PS4 so i've got LOTS to play, i've got a years worth of PS+ games, Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Black Flag (not yet even opened) might buy Dark Souls 2 today (for the dlc) also plan on buying the Metro games and The Last Of Us, i'm spoilt for choice

I've probably got enough games to last until Fallout 4 is out

Witcher 3 and Resogun are getting the majority of my time

JWiLL552999d ago

I've had Resogun since launch and still play it occasionally.

It's never a game I play for more than half an hour at a time, but it's just so damn good in those short bursts.

Can't wait for Housemarque's next game. They've earned day one purchase status.

Hellsvacancy998d ago

Resogun is really addictive, i'm going to get that platinum

Tzuno999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

I beg to differ, you can finish all quests really quick and then what? many quests are a guarded treasure or a monster hive to destroy, great game but too overhyped.

Two-Face999d ago

What? Guarded treasure and monster hives are mostly question marks on the map that you can explore, it's not quests. I have done plenty of main quests and sidequests and they are all very different and each has interesting subplots mostly.

aquaticDonut999d ago

To be honest, I've been playing with POI's off for so long I forgot that they're normally on the map.

marlinfan10999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Lol treasure hunts have their own category outside of the secondary quest and as two face said, the monster hives aren't even listed, they're just random question marks around the map. There's so many true side quest in the game it's almost overwhelming. Saying stuff like that makes me think you've gotten your info from watching youtube videos

Pintheshadows999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Hahahahahahahaha. I can only laugh at your statement as it is so patently untrue. There is an absurd amount to see and do. Guarded treasure is just part of exploration.

I have played TW3 now for 4 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes, 56 seconds. I currently have in my quest log 23 secondary quests, 10 contracts, 14 treasure hunts.

And I keep stumbling on more quests all the time. And some quests lead to other quest that take you down unexpected paths. The variety is simply staggering. Cheese. If you have encountered it you will know what I mean. What about the bartender on Skellige who is very rude to Geralt so he makes a snide comment about his customer service.

As far as I am concerned, TW3 exceeds its hype. No wonder CD Projekt were so confident to show it off to people before it was out. It is a masterpiece.

wsoutlaw87999d ago

Why call a game over hyped that you obviously dont own? I really don't understand why there is always a group that hates a game just because it is popular. It doesn't make anyone seem smarter to go against the grain.

Tzuno999d ago

I own the game and i have beaten the Wild hunt general, i need to beat the last boss, now just doing random quests, i am nearly lvl 30 on blood and bones difficulty so i know how the game is.

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gustave154999d ago

The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne with their expansions will keep me busy until MGS5 arrives.

vikingland1999d ago

I don't want The Witcher 3 to end. I hope after I beat it there's more to do....besides start over.

bananaboats999d ago

I'm sure it'll let you continue exploring and finishing sidequest

vikingland1999d ago

True I got a dlc quest today.

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