Weekend console download deals: The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, and more

"It's the end of May, so that means that both the Microsoft Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus freebies are set to rotate out by next Friday."

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Splatoon1270d ago

The Order 1886 is junk but yay for Bloodborne.

HentaiMasterRace1270d ago

I don't know if I'd call the game junk, shit is more appropriate because at least someone can find some value in junk.

JWiLL5521270d ago

Oh come on, it wasn't THAT long as you went in expecting a 6-7 hour, highly cinematic, extremely linear TPS.

And the shooting was pretty good and super smooth to control! Even though there wasn't enough of it.

So, uh, yeah...the sequel might be good!

Maxor1270d ago

Lets be fair. The Order was a failure if you wanted a game and got a low rent interactive movie instead. But it wasn't nearly as bad as the PS3 exclusives from the last gen. So far I haven't ran into any Lairs or Haze like exclusives. Now those games were shit.

Concertoine1270d ago

I said a couple of months ago that people would probably forget about this game within a year, that we would never see it in fanboy list wars of games in their platform's favor, etc.

I was wrong, it only took a couple of months.

I'm very glad i rented it instead of buying. Bloodborne, now that's a game. Best game this gen imo.

Jedislayer1270d ago

Get Bloodborne now if you need an exclusive to play, might as well the order too. I dont see an exclusive out for ps until uncharted. unless you are into indies and do your multiplat gaming on ps.

PowerPlayaaa1270d ago

Can't stop playing bloodborne <3
One of the best games of all Time, Eazy.
Not just a game of the year candidate, it's a masterpiece and already a classic.
If your a ps4 owner and haven't played it yet, buy it now.

It's an 11/10 game :-)