Why Sony Will Be the Biggest Loser this Gen

Many people predicted that upon the PS3s release that it was set to dominate the market as it's predecessor the PS2 did last generation. It is kind of interesting how things can change in the videogame market.

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kazuma3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

"Is it really in the consumers best interest to be playing outdated hardware?"
the wii says hi

edit: lol disagrees? so ur telling me the wii isn't a more powerful gamecube?

ChickeyCantor3802d ago

I think the people disagree because PC's are going real hard....but thats just my 1.8 cents....

Lifendz3802d ago

They just outsold their direct competitor by a huge margin last month. The Wii is a novelty and I mean that because people are buying it and nothing else for it. They just want Wii sports. PS3 is picking up. Last year MS was ahead by what, 10 million units? Now it's only 5. Next year it could be dead even.

And don't forget that PS3 is the MOST expensive option. Does BMW sell as many cars as Ford? No. But that doesn't mean the BMW isn't a quality car (far from it).

I don't even bother to read these articles because they're usually written by someone who's uninformed about the gaming industry or just a blogger looking to throw some fuel on the flame war.

Panthers3802d ago

That is what I'm telling you. It is an equally powerful gamecube.

So far it has yet to put out a game that is better than any gamecube game.

BTW, I agreed with you.

Lifendz3802d ago

there was an event ( I wanna say E3) where Nintendo had Gamecubes running Wii games. Gamecubes! C'mon! That's just friggin crazy to me.

zane_78493802d ago

hahahahahahaha.... what a hilarious satirical send up of a person who has no clue what they are talking about pretending to be an expert. The random assumptions, the ridiculous pie charts, the leading rhetorical questions.

What? Not a joke? Oh then hit report at the top of the page this isn't news...

decapitator3802d ago

Nothing new here, just another day on N4G. Am outtie.

PooPooPlatter3802d ago

"Now it's only 5"

Actually the difference is closer to 4 as people will see when Sony releases their quarterly shipment figures in a week or so.

5 million is the fantasy vgchartz numbers with an extra 500k or so 360 sales and PS3 sales under counted by around 200 to 300k.

The PS3 should pass the 360 in worldwide installed base around January 09 unless there is some monster price cuts to the 360 between now and then.

kazuma3802d ago

@ 1.3
yeah it's pretty much a gamecube with just some higher specs, reportedly

@ 1.4
lol yeah i remember that, it was e3.
did a fast search and found this:
they SAY it was wii hardware inside gamecube housing, but i don't know if that's really true lol

ocha843802d ago

no matter how well sony does....there will alwayz be haters~

Skip_Bayless3802d ago

Well coming from the PS2 anybody would be a loser. As far as PS3 goes it will not be the loser of this generation. The 360 will lose the most money and sell the least this generation. As for Sony they are the biggest loser because from 120 million PS2s and the large margin of victory it's just not going to happen again this generation. Not even the Wii or the DS will dominate like the PS2.

sumfood4u3802d ago

But i dont recall GC playing online games as well as Sega an Turbographic games! just putting in my 2 cents an this article just wants Fanboy Blood Spilled!

BWS19823801d ago

That was "housed" in a gamecube casing, doesn't mean it's a gamecube "running" Wii games, get real about that....I will be the first to agree that Wii lacks some noticable horsepower compared to the PS3/360 stuff, but also the first to swear that you won't find a GC game that looked as good as Metroid Prime 3 or Smash Bros. Brawl or The Conduit...the GC could NOT have pulled off those. Look it up people, it's only a beefed up GC, but remember the portion of "BEEFED UP"....

I'm sickened by the fact that it seems Nintendo left hardcore in the dust, albeit a few first party exclusives and even fewer 3rd party, but I'll never understand fanboys. To me a fanboy isn't just a lover (or "fan") of one console but a hater of others, just accept the Wii for what it is and give Nintendo some resect, it was a close call that the Playstation 1 didn't become an add-on for the SNES back in the mid 90's, if you know your history.

Bubble Buddy3801d ago

i still think Wii will be the loser. For the winner, we can only wait and see.

kinggeoff3801d ago

"The 360 will lose the most money and sell the least this generation"

Lose the most money? What's the rent like under that rock dude??

360 is already MAKING money. They aren't losing anything on the 360. It's still selling fine outside of Japan, and the multiplats are still selling in favour of x360. PS3 will, im sure, catch up and the race will get closer. But 360 losing money? not since january

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

I dont understand why people are arguing if Sony will win or MS will win. Why would it matter to the consumer? It only has an impact on the shareholders and investors, not the low level of the gamer who only buys the product. If Sony turns out to be the "winner" what impact does this have to me? Cheaper system? Well I already have a ps3 so a lower price has no effect on those who already own a system. Lower rpice of the competitor's system? Well thats great news because now everyone can own both systems! More games? Well if you want the most games and variety then buy an Xbox and ps3, that way you have the best of both consoles. Really all this fanboyism is just child's play, maybe if you had say $20,000,000 invested in Sony or MS then I could see why everyone would care who wins but for the average or hardcore gamer, I doubt that is a possibility, just enjoy the games for each system equally, both the ps3 and 360 have amazing games, but I guess fanboys wouldnt know that because they are bent on one system, oh well your loss!

Sayai jin3801d ago

@LifendzDoes - The BMW and Ford anoalogy is not a good one, becuase BMW sells way more cars than Ford. I have seen many BMW's from Kuwait to Russia to the EU to Japan and to the US. While you only see a lot of Fords in the US.

Lifendz3801d ago

Thanks for letting me know what people drive in Kuwait. I was speaking purely in relation to America and only America. I was not, in any way, speaking for the people in Kuwait or wherever else you'd like to throw out there.

Next time maybe dispute my argument as a whole rather than schematics.

N4g_null3799d ago

The whole "look at it selling and it's cost so much more WOW!" is not a good point. The fact that it is not beating the Wii which it is superior to is a problem. Then it is barely beating the xbox 360 with an avg of 20k a month with a nice 200k spike. The game cube had a similar problem with the first xbox and they lost. The GC would come soaring back yet in the end the xbox won that gen. I know how lots of PS3 owners and future owners feel but I also see lots of gamers hyping the machine and not buying it or saying they will get one.

Saying you will get one did not keep FF13 exclusive. You guys have to buy. If you are waiting on games then I understand but that's not helping. Another thing is the most post I ever saw on here was around 1000s when I see 400,000 unique post say they are getting an PS3 this week in one post I will believe that the PS3 will win. Then the same happening the month after that.

Then the problem is how do you grow the hardcore market. Dropping the price would help but not making me too games would help even more. Making more types of hardcore niche games is a solution also. I'm sure lots of potential players and buyers would say the same. It's easy to be excited about a game but only certain games become some thing I have to play due to game play. Once i've seen the graphics in motion I get most of the pay off for eye candy games and most of the time the eye candy is old and tired.

No one cares about the power of your system if you are over 25 years old and your are still saying this as the reason why your console will win then you are a new comer. Every one cares about price then fun and how much of it can be had. Even fanboys feel this way deep down inside. The PS2 is a perfect example. It became the standard. People buy more standard stuff than expensive. Over here in America the middle class is getting beat up so there are less rich people trying to buy expensive stuff. Then it does help that they are getting ignored and not even log on to post board to complain about it.

Suddenly SONY and MS are simply preaching to the people that already own there systems because they are just trying to please them. I'm sure they will see this soon enough but why worry about it they are making so much money off of the people that already own an HD system. If you don't believe me then just wonder why the share holders are not pissed?

Then on top of that all of the console hardware is obsolete as of last year and beyond. The gear is about getting certain things done leaving HD out may piss off a few people but it works for every one. Don't come to me with this it doesn't work for hardcore because it work last gen for the PS2 and thing are no different now we all did not get $600 video game gift cards this gen.

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Playstation Man3802d ago

I don't even have to click the link, seriously, of all the numbers coming out and the fall line-up Sony has, how can you justify writting this now? Maybe back in 06, but not now.


zodiac9093802d ago

you sir are a smart one :D

Liquid Dust3802d ago

I agree, back in 06 the PS3 was looking grim in terms of ports and overall support from developers, but now everything is seeming to align to create success for the PS3, whether it be exclusives this fall or next spring, Bluray, playstation network, and great updates.

I just cant understand how people can have so much disapproval for sony at this moment. I recently went to a gamestop a week ago and the manager tried to "inform" me how the PS3 was selling horribly, development costs are very high, there are no good games, and it is impossible to develop for....i asked, "is it spring 2007?"

Development costs are now half what they used to be, people now finally praise the architecture, ports are great, exclusive games are great, and PS3 sales are definitely picking up, the guy hadnt even played MGS4 yet. Gamestop is just ruining the game industry in so many ways.

bruiser813802d ago

I hear what you both are saying and agree, but dont you mean 07, it was only out for a little over a month in 06

Liquid Dust3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Yea ur right there bruiser, during early 07' was when you would see crap ports like ghost recon, a list of broken EA titles, and the loss of some key multiplatform titles like Bioshock.

But all is better and I am still glad that I am a PS3 owner especially with so many current titles and ones to look forward to this fall, Im not going to know what to do with myself

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QueefyB3802d ago

guys relax they are xbots so this is a joke article

Playstation Man3802d ago

Let the countdown begin to another stupid XBOT comment from Bloodmask, GiantEnemyCrab, etc...

Sad, sad humanbeings they are...

QueefyB3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

hey playstation man bloodmask is already in the report section crying so go easy on him

morganfell3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Lets thank the idiots that approved this article. Why? Because it is proof. Proof that Microsoft is sweating 44 magnum sized bullets. Sony is gaining on them like a predator and as that worn out last gen MS console continues to rattle and gasp the black beast is like a cyborg panther moving in relentlessly for the kill.

The Wii sales will begin to flatten this holiday season and the human garbage truck marcus fenix won't be able to keep the MS last gen console afloat. People will want the true HD next gen experience and the PS3 is the only place to get a console that is a true HD media hub as well.

Everyone should remember the jackassery of websites like neocrisis and remind them in just over a year as the PS3 fully catches MS. They apparently think this generation is completely over in 2010 when MS releases their next console. And if you own a 360 it will be over. Dropped the way MS dropped the Xbox, the way MS drops support for products all the time.

Yes, as Billy Ray Valentine said "They panickin'. I can hear 'em."

themyk3801d ago

that probably the best comment i've read all month.

cyborg panther.

GameDev3801d ago


that no matter how much money ms spends, no one wants their crap product.




here boys and girls is a profile of a company that bought cheated, sued and stole its ways to prominence. I mean who needs honest and fair competition when you can just muscle competitors out with your OS?? That business model worked well for them for many years.
This is the console market a HARDWARE based and software driven business. We all know how miserably MS fails on the hardware front and wether the fanboys like it or not they suck on the software front aswell. They all hoot and holler about Final Fantasy but do they ever stop to think why a SOFTWARE company and a self proclaimed "king of software" at that, is buying software(games) from other people??

doesn't it strike you a little odd that an electronics company's (sony) talen pool for software development makes theirs look like a complete joke??

THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES ladies and gents and its time we shut up these stupid fanboys and opened gamers eyes.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3801d ago

'Why Micro$oft Will Be the Biggest Loser this Gen' ;-D
These Articles are SO Sad!!! ;-D

TheDeadMetalhead3801d ago


...wait, they already came? Okay.

Pain3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Man talk about damage Control, Wii beating the XBOX in the ONLY country it had AnyForm of a Lead on u to right That dribble?

God in any Heaven u dont breed.

Remember this crap when M$ Makes u Mandatorly Upgrade to XBOX 3 like the did with XBOX 1 to reset thelolConsoleRace

and QF Truth @what GameDev said 100%

M$ buying Games/rights/a share of the pie is pretty dam lame, like how they bought bungie so that Apple would Not get a game, since Halo was a Mac game before M$ bought it and its way in to the game industry with its "Luv us We Kooler the other guy and M$ Money solves All attitude"...

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QueefyB3802d ago

wow the playstation 3 sold so well last month without a price cut

QueefyB3802d ago

yesss they have released the box art for left for dead i cannot wait to play it on my powerful pc

QueefyB3802d ago

i think i will be playing as the zombies first because it will be easier to remember the keyboard layout