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Jose Otero writes: "Splatoon’s cartoonish, squid-person-themed graphics look like kiddie fare at a glance, but there’s a mechanically deep, yet family-friendly third-person shooter hiding in the pools of ink."

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Rimeskeem1214d ago

I bet you they didn't give it a 7.8 because people would make that reference too much.

Army_of_Darkness1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

If this was a ps4 Or xbone exclusive, I bet it would be getting butcher by the media in every possible angle and placed in the low 4-6/10... Buuuuut... This is Nintendo..... So, faget-about-it (7.9-10/10)

Monster_Tard1213d ago

The game is averaging 8's, which is only decent and the only exclusives games on the X1 & PS4 that I know of that got mostly 4-6's are Ryse for X1 and knack for PS4, so not sure where you're getting the Nintendo favoritism from.

Concertoine1214d ago

All this arbitrary decimal crap is getting old. What separates a 7.9 from an 8 if you arent averaging?

Palitera1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Standard attempts. The reviewer has an idea about what makes a game 8 and this one comes very close to it.
This is my bet.

But why do people care? Ain't the "coolest" thing to say today that reviews are useless, corrupt, rushed and for stupid people? :P

Number-Nine1213d ago

I don't get it myself. I like to use .5 increments.

-Foxtrot1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

I'm not trying to say this game deserved higher but they criticised it for having "Limed Content" when they gave Evolve a free pass. What's worse with Evolve is the obvious cut DLC aswell.

Evolve - 9.0

Splatoon - 7.9

Really IGN /s

Crimzon1213d ago

Maybe Evolve scored higher because it was more fun to play?

Acquiescence1213d ago

Or maybe because it had more than five maps and two online modes.

Concertoine1213d ago

It scored higher because two different people with different standards reviewed it.

freshslicepizza1213d ago

perhaps evolve has more to do and the content even without the dlc is still more content than what splatoon offers. evolve is also more well thought out when it comes to online options, including voice-chat.

the thing is you will never have a consensus where all scores are created equally. it's also worth noting the review for evolve was Vince Iingenito and the review for splatoon is Jose Otero. sure they both work for ign but both have their own opinions. you think your opinions are fair and equal when talking about consoles?

Masterchief_thegoat1213d ago

trying so hard to downplay evolve.. maybe ign found evolve a better game then splatoon

3-4-51213d ago

Or maybe it's just because some "gaming Journalist" sites take money for reviews or just outright praise certain games via bias.

* 5-10 years from now we will look at Evolve & Splatoon and you can bet Splatoon will have had a bigger impact on Video games overall.

We are talking about a bland boring forgettable game that people won't even remember 5 years from now, vs one of the best new shooters around.

* Splatoon isn't perfect, but what it does right, it does REALLY RIGHT.

So if you enjoy what Splatoon is now, wait until 1-2 months from now once we have all the maps + the other stuff yet revealed.

* What I want to know is this?

* Will IGN retroactively change their score once all the maps for Splatoon have been released.

* They did it with Drive Club and other games.

If they refuse to do it with Splatoon, then we know they are bias against Nintendo on purpose and should be called out for it.

That being said......One person doesn't = a whole company.

The problem is, I don't think the people at IGN understand that, because their reviews are really inconsistent a lot of the times.

They still aren't complete trash as there is talent at IGN, but there is also a lot of untrustworthy sensationalism I just can't trust.

7.9 = a good score though.

If you don't understand that, then you have some learning to do.

Captain_Wormy1213d ago

Splatoon one of the best shooters around? Lol! Thanks for the laugh. 😂

Palitera1213d ago

So you think reviews of incomplete games should be lenient about their limited content?

Notice that we are talking here about a very extreme case for a MP game.

Do you think reviewers should raise Titanfall's scores, now that is has much more content?

3-4-51212d ago

Splatoon is one of the best shooters around. There aren't really that many good ones being played right now.

Destiny has smooth gameplay, I enjoy that. Plants vs Zombies: GW is probably the most overall fun shooter this gen, and there are a few others.

Titanfall, COD:AW, BF4.....those are just ok.

So yea as of now, Splatoon is one of the better shooters. It's also not competing against the other shooters as well, because it is it's own thing.

Not difficult to comprehend.

cpayne931213d ago

Different reviewers maybe?

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paddy951213d ago

It's not very fun online. Shooting 2 meters in front of you is rubbish. Bad controls, no chat, crap typical Nintendo matchmaking etc.

Fil1011213d ago

To be fair as a nitendo game it loojs fun but I can't help be feel the fun factor won't last long.

superchiller1213d ago

This is a game with a stunning paucity of content, with a measly 5 maps, two online modes, and very short, limited single-player content (5 hours or so). It's effectively an online-only third person shooter with tiny matches and very limited content, not even close to being worth $60 at launch (or even $40). This game should have been a $20 downloadable-only game at most, given the amount of content.

Even a 7.9 is far too generous, had this not been Nintendo (who are often given a pass by the journalists), it would have gotten scores more like 5-6 on average. Of course Jose Otero is a diehard Nintendo fan, he tried his best to keep the score as high as possible, as he does with everything Nintendo releases, regardless of its worth.

I'm predicting that this game will sell far worse than Bayonetta 2, and that was a bomb at only about 670k worldwide sales. There just isn't much content here at all, and what is there is not very exciting at all.

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