VFX at Naughty Dog

If you’re curious on what the job of a Visual Effect Artist at Naughty Dog entails, the critically acclaimed developer just released a quite interesting video, also giving a glimpse on a WIP explosion in Uncharted 4.

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DarkOcelet1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Who doesnt?

They are among the best in the industry.

Crash Bandicoot is still the best :)

I love how they are passionate about the games they make. Passion over profit and they succeed.

Relientk771268d ago

Crash Bandicoot please come home

Rimeskeem1268d ago

Apparently the person who disagreed

Kurisu1268d ago

It's only a small glimpse but that environment looks great.

baryonyx1268d ago

Why did someone downvote this? What did he say wrong? Let us hear you're version?

morganfell1268d ago

Phenomenal work by people that still make games for passionate reasons. Yes money matters, but for ND it is the by-product of work rather than the goal of task completion.

IamTylerDurden11268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

They are primarily worried about making great games and the reviews and the sales come when you care only about pleasing your fans and putting out quality products. Cerny helped procure ND back in the day so he deserves some love.

Best developer in the industry atm, imo. Uncharted collection PS4 this nov.

And they allow dogs in the studio at all times, used to have 1 in house dog now they have loads of playful pups perusing the premises.

Rimeskeem1268d ago

Do remember that an Uncharted collection would probably be made by a different studio

baryonyx1268d ago

Am i the only one who loved the small glimps of that beautiful enviroments of uncharted that we had the chance to see?
It seems a lot more polished and Alpha then the last Demo. All my worries are gone lol

fdkenzo1268d ago

I never was woried, the game will be amazing !!!