Square Enix Showcases the Secrets of its Most Beautiful Cinematic Cutscenes in New Video

Square Enix Visual Works General Manager Kazuyuki Ikumori held a lecture at the University of Southern California, highlighting the evlution of cinematic cutscenes at the critically acclaimed Japanese studio.

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DarkOcelet1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Square Enix are my favorite Dev/publisher this gen. They have too many awesome IP's. I cant to see what will they reveal at this E3. (Please give us FFXII Remaster)

Also if anyone wondering what is the OST in the vid, its FF Type 0. One hell of a masterpiece OST.

_-EDMIX-_1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I could never say that just yet. Last gen was just horrible for them. I bought very little from Square just based on how they did.

This gen, they are turning things around, but I need to get real release dates and a continuation of progress before I up and say that.

FF Versus 13 was also announced in 2005...I wouldn't be calling them anything until I have a game in my hands.

For all we know, KH3 won't come until 2023 lol joking but Thats no different then our little FFXV situation.

To say they are my favorite this gen....for bringing Type Zero or XV...doesn't make sense. So they are my favorite for finally bring 2 games that should have been brought state side AND to consoles period last gen?

...I'll wait til Star Ocean, KH3 are in my hands before I say such things. (or have Bravely Default finally on consoles)

DarkOcelet1266d ago

I am talking about every IP they have not just FF or KH...

I mean look at what is coming this gen...

Deus Ex:Mankind Divided
Kingdom Hearts 3
Star Ocean 5
Next Hitman
Rise Of the Tomb Raider
Dragon Quest Heroes
Just Cause 3

That is one impressive lineup if you ask me...

Agent_00_Revan1266d ago

Last gen was pretty down for them, but their line up coming is awesome.

Considering I've never been to big on SE, to know I'm buying 5 of the 8 games on that list, that's a pretty big deal for me. I cant wait to see them at E3.

_-EDMIX-_1266d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm buying at least 4 from that list and likely more ie sequels, Bravely Default when they bring it to consoles etc.

What I mean't about FFXIII Versus being announced in 2005, we could have stated the same thing last gen. They do have a beast line up, but it sorta needs to release first before we call it a victory. and not doubt Edios being bought was a huge deal for them, thats hands down the best move they made last gen.

Both Square and Sega did a great job last gen buying up studios and securing IPs. Just by what they've been stating, its clear they know they made mistakes last gen, which is really good for a start.

I want Square to act more like Sega in accepting that they make Japanese games......just focusing your Japanese teams on that. Leave the western teams to create western content, leave FF to the Japanese concepts. Only time will tell how Square will change things up, but I really, really hope it starts with Bravely Default being on many systems and being treated and invested much better. There is room for action and traditional turned based in JRPG gaming.

abstractel1265d ago

On Topic, Visual Works has fallen behind when it comes to CG cinematics. Digic Pictures are by far the best. They have done all (but one) the Assassin's Creed cinematics, and the most recent Witcher one with the witch in the barn. Visual Works used to be my favorite, and they are still great, but not as good as Digic.

Magicite1265d ago

Square Enix and Bandai Namco are my favorites.

WizzroSupreme1265d ago

Wow, I mean, wow. That is beautiful.