5 Games You Didn’t Know Were Inspired by Fantastic Works of Literature

These five video games inspired by famous works of literature might just be good enough to convince you to actually read a book.

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Palitera1270d ago

More like "the only 5 games I know that came from books".

Seriously? Alice, Dante's Inferno, The Witcher? Who would guess?

Also 5 sliders.

Wtf. No.

Lord_Sloth1270d ago

Have to agree. Did anybody NOT know Alice and Dante's Inferno were based on books?

I get that SOME may not know the Witcher still but seriously...

knifefight1270d ago

It's a click bait title.

Use phrases like "You Won't Believe..."
and "___ you didn't know____"
and "Guess Why______"

It's designed to make the contents seem more exciting than they really are.

linkenski1270d ago

I thought everybody knew Witcher was based on its polish novels.

IamTylerDurden11270d ago

It's obvious with all but Bioshock and irrational created the world of Rapture not the heartless author Ayn Rand.

It is possible Bioshock was influenced by Atlas Shrugged (and Atlantis) but i don't think irrational is toting the same political message as Rand, but in fact the opposite.

IamTylerDurden11270d ago

Glad Metro 2033 gets a mention as imo that is one great story. Not sure if the Darkness graphic novels came first or the original game? The Order is based on the writings of Arthurian legend.

hazelamy1270d ago

The Darkness was a comic long before the game.

il-JumperMT1270d ago

When you start up Witcher 3 you have a huge ass message this game is inspired by Andrez Sapowski novels or something.

Everyone knows Alice and Dante Inferno are work of literature

KeeseToast1270d ago

You'll get a similiar message when starting Metro. This list is bullshit.