10 Flawless Video Game Haircuts That Are Examples of Pure Style

Not all haircuts can be created equal, not even in video games. However these 10 Flawless video game haircuts are examples of pure style.

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ZaWarudo1235d ago

How you not have Leon's perfect hair in this? that majestic, disaster proof hair puts all to shame.

IamTylerDurden11235d ago

Funny because Devil May Cry's Dante probably has the most iconic videogame hair with the long straight silver look his hair is as bad azz as he is. Lighting from ff has great hair - that pink though.

Fullmetalevolust1234d ago

Dracula's eye brows' on fleek!

Lord_Sloth1234d ago

Damn twinfinite and their 10 page bs...

mastershredder1234d ago

Hate those buzzfeed type sites.