UGO Live from E3: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Hands-on Impressions

UGO writes: "Among Ubisoft's top-shelf offerings at this year's E3 was Gearbox Software's long-awaited Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, which picks up the continuing story of paratrooper Matt Baker's tour during World War II. The release will be the first in the series to hit gaming's current generation, with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions also joined by a Windows PC version with full DirectX 10 support. We walked away from our hands-on session thoroughly impressed; for those who have raised issues with Brothers in Arms games in the past, Gearbox looks to have finally nailed it in Hell's Highway.

For those who have never played, the Brothers in Arms games offer a unique mix of first-person action and real-time strategy. Playing as Staff Sergeant Matt Baker, players are armed and able to engage the enemy just like any other soldier. The twist is that Baker, being a non-commissioned officer, also leads a group of men into battle. While he's a perfectly capable marksman on his own, the ability to move troops on the battlefield and direct their fire is the most potent weapon he has available. As we were told during our hands-on, it's possible to finish Hell's Highway without ever firing a shot."

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Ace-Jury3794d ago

i dont want developer to completely ignore WWII, its such an interesting part of history and too important to ignore.

thanks Gearbox

thanks Randy