Nintendo and Splatoon — Taking the Risk

It’s almost been a full a year since Nintendo took its user base by surprise with the initial announcement of their newest IP, Splatoon. The surprise arrival of the new title sat well with show-goers, the majority of which unanimously came to the conclusion that it was a fun game. Just recently, Wii U owners got a chance to take it for a ‘Testfire’ to experience the magic for themselves.

With the game finally in our midsts, it’s clear that Nintendo has themselves another smash hit for the Wii U. While it’s excellent news that the game is scoring well all around(with an 81 on Metacritic), there’s a much bigger picture on the horizon—will Wii U owners truly approve? Nintendo is actually taking a huge risk with Splatoon. This is Nintendo’s first in house new IP since the release of the original Pikmin all the way back in 2001. With Nintendo’s established names already fueling the system and with more on the way, can Splatoon really be the next thing for the Big N?

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Shnazzyone1271d ago

I think this is working out for nintendo. I keep hearing kids talking about it. I saw 2 separate kids pick it up when I went to target today. This ad campaign has clearly been a success.

superchiller1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Wait until the sales numbers hit, I bet this game sells far worse than Bayonetta 2 in the long run, and that one only sold 670k worldwide (was a commercial failure). Splatoon has a LOT less content than Bayonetta 2, and doesn't look to be worth even close to $60 at launch, much less even $40. It's essentially an online-only shooter with 5 stages and 2 modes, extremely limited options, almost no single player content (yes it has a tiny SP mode with a few hours of content, but basically almost nothing), inability to curate your own matches, no voice chat . . . basically, a very meager amount of content and very limited online options, for what is supposed to be a full commercial game.

marloc_x1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Bayonetta 2 a commercial failure?


If you are using VGchartz as a source, you may have overlooked digital sales schiller,

Platinum is very proud of the reception Bayonetta 2 had with the Wii U fanbase..

.. you underestimate $platoon and the forthcoming content. You should give it a go sometime ;)