David Harewood Rumored to Star in Infinity Wards' Next Call of Duty

David Harewood, the English actor best known for his roles in Blood Diamond and Homeland, has been rumored as the lead role for Infinity Ward's next Call of Duty. A vetted source close to the matter has confirmed these details with LevelSave. Call of Duty operates on a three year cycle, which slates Infinity Ward's next Call of Duty for a holiday 2016 release.

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EvilWay1297d ago


Stop paying big named or actors period for roles in Call of Duty. For voice acting okay but why pay all that money, for a role that should be your second concern? Focus on the damn multiplayer and make it better then Ghosts instead of worrying about the single player which is always mediocre for the most part. It costs them a lot of money for them to pay a actor to be in there 5 hour campaign, when they should be hiring cod pros and the players to give input and help make the game better instead of wasting money like this.

Please Activision get with it. You don't sell millions because of the campaign

Erik73571296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Its user base is majority of 13 year olds and they probably think the multiplayer was as good as it was since mw2 so Activision does not really care about that. Just get a big name actor to get everyone's attention.

LevelMajor1296d ago

I have to respectfully disagree. Kevin Spacey MADE the campaign for Advanced Warfare and David Harewood would be just a good in a lead role. He has done supporting roles in Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 3 (as Captain Cole).

Summons751297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Okay but it's still not going to make the story any less crap. Why not use the money to hire talented writers and spend more than 2 years on the game? All you proved with Advance Warfare is Kevin Spacey was literally the only thing good you could do with COD. The multiplayer was still broken and unbalanced, the single player was dull (minus, again, Spacey's performance). Blops 3 is literally rehashing AW and it's a shame after all the rumors of WW2 or Vietnam. I would have paid money for a well done WW2 or Vietnam game but nope why do things gamers want when you can make a game as the series continues to slowly decline.

Seriously Activision, look at the hype for a new Tony Hawk game. Multiply that by 1000 if you just cut off COD for 3/4 even 5 years and let the want brew and a developer to really take their time with the game. The devs for the new TH game seem like they really considered the series and what gamers want, do that with COD and you will probably break the bank.

MetroidFREAK211296d ago

Why are we talking about 2016's CoD? Advanced Warfare is still proving (for me at least) that's it's great fun, waiting for the Beta for Black Ops 3 before I make any judgement. Infinity Ward has another year and a half to develop their game... Give them time

Thehyph1296d ago

He already did a Battlefield and a Killzone game.

Relientk771296d ago

I don't know who this is

if Infinity Ward's next game is Ghosts 2, then I am staying far away

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