Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest release to give the finger to people who buy at launch


"Are you a Batman fan? Interested in picking up Arkham Knight at launch, or preordering the game?"

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Yi-Long1214d ago

I rarely buy at launch these past 2 generations.

Witcher 3 deserves my day 1 money, but for Arkham I'll wait for a GOTY and/or a huge discount.

Blaze9291213d ago

I stopped buying games day 1 last gen when I started realizing they go on sale 1-2 months later...sometimes only WEEKS.

This DLC spread this is just stupid. I don't see how anyone thinks that's a good idea. People just want to buy and play the game - not hit 100 different locations to have a complete version.

Imagine if Hollywood start chopping up scenes in movies depending on which Theater you go to. Ha

Army_of_Darkness1213d ago

Last game I bought at launch was Ni no Kuni :-) totally worth it. Games these days aren't worth first day purchase anymore.

mhunterjr1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

I hardly ever buy games at launch anymore... There's really no reason to with single player games... The game will always be better value a later when everything is included in the package .... And, especially for shorter titles, the resale value will drop like a brick once people beat it and trade it in.

With MP games the only incentive to buy at launch is that the player base will be large... But if the games any good, it'll still have a nice sized base a month later. Not to mention it'll probably be patched to work properly...

The way games are releasing these days... It's like they don't want me to buy day 1...

Excalibur1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

When they started announcing that they were chopping up the game and spreading it throughout the various vendors as per-order incentives I immediately canceled my per-order, I'm not going to lend my dollar to this poor behavior, Instead of a dollar's worth of profit day one they'll get a penny's worth when I buy the GOTY a year from now.

averagejoe261214d ago

Can you elaborate on the chopping and spreading of content, please?

Yi-Long1214d ago

There's pre-order exclusive content, edition-exclusive content, retailer-exclusive content, platform-exclusive content, and an over-expensive Season Pass, which actually doesn't include the aforementioned content...

So basically, there's no way to buy the complete experience, certainly not for an acceptable price.

Spotie1214d ago

If the game isn't even out yet, how can it be the latest?

WeAreLegion1214d ago

You know what? Delay the game. If you're not done creating the story, then don't tell it.

averagejoe261214d ago

Oh they're done alright.

But why get $60 when you can get $100 for extra story DLC?

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The story is too old to be commented.