Summer School Starts Tuesday: Class of Heroes 2G Comes to PS3

Posted by Ryan Olsen on May 29, 2015 // PR Manager, MoneyPaw Games:
Just when you thought it was time to ditch the books and kick back for some lazy summer days, school will be starting right back up. The digital version of Class of Heroes 2G for the PlayStation 3 will be accepting new students June 2, 2015. This is one grid-based, dungeon crawling RPG master’s program you won’t want to miss because we have a launch trailer you get the exclusive first-look.

Starting summer school at Crostini Academy of Adventuring Arts, your school in Class of Heroes 2G, you’ll realize this isn’t your typical place. You’re tests are epic boss monsters, your teachers will get you geared for a life-or-death battle in the labyrinth and your friends stick right by your side to level up.

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