The Best Destiny PvP Classes for Trials of Osiris Ranked

Trials of Osiris is coming so we've ranked each of Destiny's subclasses from bottom to top for their usefulness in House of Wolves' new competitive mode.

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GigawattConduit1292d ago

It's easy to see why Striker was put at the bottom of the list. It's too easy to get ganked once the Titan hits the ground, and the Super feels way more suited for PvE than PvP. I think I'd also shift Defender to lower on the list where Sunsinger is, because revivals are more needed than a bubble shield, IMO.

Christopher1292d ago

Striker is best for control PvP. But, it's not best situated for PvE since the only time you really need supers is against bosses and you don't want to end up right next to a boss after using a super typically. It's just best for grouped opponents, and that should never happen in ToO unless you're taking out people who are in the process of rezzing a downed mate.

JWiLL5521292d ago

Gunslingers are always best for PVP. Ranged super and great orb generation for chaining.

Hunters typically dominate in PVP.

akurtz1292d ago

This. With combustion.

immoracle1292d ago

Bladedancer on top? What a shocker.

rezzah1291d ago

Sunsinger all the way :)

One can still take out the Golden guns and Bladedancers, but it takes both skill and luck.