Gears of War 2 crash Xbox 360 and Resistance 2 lack polish

Gamers Blorge writes
"It seems like no matter how much you prepare, things will always go wrong and the top presenters for Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2 weren't immune to such disasters. These two games are the talk of E3 as competitors going head to head against each other fighting for sales during the month of November.

The press conference can be a stressful event especially when all that you have been working towards could be marred by a mess up on stage. Of course the journalist community would never let them heard the end of it."

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TheHater3798d ago

insomniac don't work on one part of the game to show to the public. The treat every part of their game equal. Sure they could have work on the build for the E3 press event, but that not what Insomniac do.

decapitator3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Am perplexed to find out that, that site still isn't banned. What a sh!tty article. R2 is ways of before release and you can bet your @zz that Insomniac will polish the living hell out of the game before release.

Microsoft has been working on their hardware issues for a while now and whiles they haven't completely fixed the problem, they sure as hell have improved since the console's launch.

Seriously guys, whats the news here ? If I were a mod, people who approved this story would get their contributor status removed.

ruibing3798d ago

Apparently, this idiot of a writer never heard of works in progress. They even complained about people like this on the Full Moon Show. If you don't show they anything, they complain. If you do show them something, they complain even louder. If I can put websites on my ignore list, this one would be pretty high up there.

BulletToothtony3798d ago

they're way too busy making 1 AAA game per year... and now they're adding R&C QFB AND Resistance for the psp... i can see epic has the time to do it.. but they must be so stressed out with everything...

i was quite impressed with what they showed nonetheless... very impressive and i truly hope that the multiplayer will finally be able to pull me away from cod4... i'm going for a year of non stop playing that thing :0)

Calvin_ISA3798d ago

Resistance on PSP isn't made by Insomniac... But yes, even two titles in one year is a big plate-full. :)

dantesparda3798d ago

How this is even considered bad news for Resistance!? This is actually good news for you Resistance fans/PS3 fanboys. As it means that the game is going to look better than that. How it could be spinned into something negative is beyond me. Heck they didnt even want youse to see that part, so youse wouldnt think sh!t. But thats the internet for you, and this hating sh!t sells. However, i do gotta say that the game did look kind of lackluster to me. And im not the biggest fan of the first one either (to repetitive for me), but i still wanna check out this game. and any news of more improvements is good in my book

But now the Gears news on the other hand, this is bad news. I mean come on, how many more times must these things happen on the 360 (break down or fvck up), before the 360 fanboys realize just how unreliable the consoles is. And should be a warning to all newcomers. I got a Falcon from MS last yr (as my 3rd repaired system from them) and it crapped out on e not to long ago (so now i am on my 4th). So for all those people that think the Falcon is so fool proofed. Recognize

But yeah i thought their was something strange with that cut in the Gears demostration. The game does look better and i am looking forward to checking it out, but at the same time, i sort of feel like its just more of the same. But then again aint most games?

rexor07173798d ago

From what I know, they equally develop areas. So all the fancy textures and stuff will come at the end. The gameplay looks incredible to me already, so I could take it today. BETA SOON?

rushbd3797d ago

you expect polish in a game thats not even in its beta stage yet?

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Beg For Mercy3798d ago

i wonder did a 360 really crash and rrod at e3, damn is ms really that crazy to let that happen or is the 360 really that unreliable my god and r2 is not finished so it dosent matter how it looked we all know that gears looks good too so no trolling here both will be great at what they do.

GVON3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

I watched it live, and thought the stream messed up, they got to about 15 seconds in and it restarted and like I say I thought the stream had gone funny.

QueefyB3798d ago

obviously it crashed because of the radiation levels

QueefyB3798d ago

i also think the red ring of death was a contributing factor