'Need for Speed' Reboot Internet Requirement Won't Backfire

With the announcement that the NFS reboot will require an internet connection, Nerd Much discusses why that is an awful thing.

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sigfredod933d ago

It already have backfire at least with me, don´t know if globally, but i was excited for it and now is a no buy for me

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08933d ago

If the crew got heavily bashed for the always online requirement, so will this.
My porsches are abused by these terrible NFS games, they can be so much better in other racers that's out! driveclub, the forza series, project CARS, etc.
Damn you EA!

hazelamy932d ago

single player, should be playable offline.

an MMO i can understand, but not single player.

count me out.