The Witcher 3 for Xbox One Sells 1,000 Copies in Japan;Sells Through 92% of Shipment on PS4/Xbox One

The Xbox One version of The Witcher 3 sold 1,000 copies in Japan, but it still made the top 50. On the other hand, both console versions of the game sold a whopping 91.97% of the initial shipment.

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DarkOcelet969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

My guess 90% of the shipment belong to the PS4.

67K in its debut week is impressive for a non Japanese game and well deserved sale. Congrats CDPR.

We need more awesome RPG games.

I cant wait to see what the Japanese devs have in store for the PS4 this gen.

I want JRPG goodness everywhere.

Relientk77969d ago

I second that. I want my JRPG goodness

DarkOcelet969d ago

I really hope we do see Ni No Kuni 2 at E3 this year.

Level 5 are amazing. We need more devs like them.

Pintheshadows968d ago

Ni No Kuni is brilliant.

I don't need context. I don't need to frame my argument. I like raccoons. And riding a purple dragon through some of the most beautiful environments I have ever seen.

Blurmobjet968d ago (Edited 968d ago )


A 50,000 yen discount on Xbones in Japan!?

I really need to move back there if they're PAYING people to pick these things up now!

(Btw, I did click on the link ;)

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Letthewookiewin969d ago

I really hope Tales of Zestiria comes out on PS4 in 2016 (being realistic on time frame and don't have my PS3 anymore). Truly excited for Persona 5 also ,I can't wait to play that style again after P4: Golden.

Magicite969d ago

no, its 90% of total shipment for both ps4/x1, its just that x1 had much lower shipment.

Kingscorpion71969d ago

You can keep thinking that lol

smashman98968d ago

@kingscorpion and disagreers Read the Damn title it clearly states what magicite just clarified -_-

joeorc968d ago

Yup 1000 units for Xbox one were shipped
Over 67,000 units for PS4

How are you getting disagrees?

Kingscorpion71969d ago

Just 1000 copies that's hilarious

Fkhalf16969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

@darkocelet Level 5 exclusive isn't Ni No Kuni 2, its rumored to be a returning PS franchise from the PS2 era, Dark Chronicles 3 (Dark Cloud 3). Hope Level 5 game is revealed something at E3

DarkOcelet969d ago

There was a rumor that it was Ni No Kuni 2.

If it is indeed Dark Cloud 3 then i will die!

Dark Cloud 2 was a masterpiece.

3-4-5968d ago

Well considering Japan probably owns more PS4's than XB1's I would assume so.

That being said, if they sold through 92% and that includes the XB1 games then the XB1 should have sold a decent amount in comparison to how many launched.

Which means it sounds like maybe only 5-10k copies of the game were even released at first.

* With western like games, they really are cautious when testing the market and make sure not to overproduce something.

It's just good that a game like this sold through it's shipment.

How we like certain Japanese games, is maybe how certain Japanese games like US or Western style games.

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TheGreatGamer969d ago (Edited 969d ago )

No surprise here. Microsoft is a foreign company and people in Japan really have something against foreign companies competing with their own, still, glad this game managed to sell so well over there being a wrpg

Christopher969d ago

And that's why iPhones are outsold by Sony phones in Japan...

This isn't a case of having something "against" some foreign company. It's about a company giving them what they want.

iSuperSaiyanGod969d ago

Well the iPhone 6plus gives me what I want . So I'm glad I ain't in Japan lol . I hate android

reallyNow968d ago Show
DragonKnight968d ago

It's not really about anti-Americanism, it's more about first impressions. The Xbox brand has had a stigma on it in Japan since the very first Xbox console due to the complete lack of any consideration as to what the Japanese gamer community would want. It was bulky, ugly, and filled with games that didn't interest the Japanese gamers. Japan can really hold a grudge it seems.

TheGreatGamer968d ago

Visit this article and go down to the 'Cultural divide' section

Although I agree it's not the primary reason, it does play a role in why MS and Xbox do badly in Japan

kalkano968d ago


Not just Japanese gamers, but FANS of Japanese games, as well (specifically, JRPGs).

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rdgneoz3969d ago

"Microsoft is a foreign company and people in Japan really have something against foreign companies competing with their own"

And Witcher 3 is a game made by a Polish company which topped the media chart in Japan on Wednesday for the PS4...

reallyNow968d ago

Don't worry, people think Japan is still a land of Samurai. Let them be ignorant.

triple_c969d ago

Maybe.. just maybe the reason the Xbox One doesn't do well in Japan is because the Xbox One doesn't have a lot of games that appeal to that type of audience like the PS4 does?

dragonyght969d ago

lol Apple and Disney already prove those stereotype wrong

HammadTheBeast969d ago

Apple, Disney, Microsoft's other products all prove this wrong.

SonyOnly4969d ago

Racial stereotypes? Ever thought that maybe Japan doesn't support the Xbone because the Xbone doesn't bother supplying anything that caters to their tastes in gaming? Ever thought that Japan really doesn't care for Halo,Forza,Gears,Forza,Fable,F orza more halo like Microsoft has done the past decade nonstop?

hamburgerhill969d ago

I actually have to agree. Currently I find ps4 games unappealing so I stay away from that console. If they had more games or experiences like ps2 or X1 things would definitely be different.

Spotie969d ago

How long will people like you make this same uninformed comment?

MRMagoo123969d ago

For as long as there are people grasping for reasons to why the xbone is a failure in Japan I suspect.

DLConspiracy968d ago


Ain't that the truth. Lol

OrangePowerz969d ago

I guess Appel, McDonalds and all those other American companies that do well in Japan didn't get your memo.

MRMagoo123968d ago

Although that is all true Mos burger is far far far better than McDonalds and is Japanese.

Niebotskick969d ago

This notion has been disproved many times, yet it keeps being spread around as if it's a fact.

Max-Zorin968d ago

They don't hate American products. A lot of American products sell well in Japan. They probably like American muscle cars too. They simply don't like the Xbox. They probably don't even like MS Windows.

Angeljuice968d ago

Nobody likes American muscle cars outside of America. Poor build quality, ancient technology and terrible design take care of that.

tekksin968d ago

They have something against crap. Have you thought about them having something against crap?

Have you thought that perhaps Americans don't make informed decisions? Have you thought that, perhaps, Americans buy crap? Is this a thought you ever had when seeing Americans buy...crap?

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B1uBurneR969d ago

So only 5 Xbox-One gamer wasn't interested.

UnHoly_One969d ago

I'm so sick of these kind of articles.

We get it. Japan doesn't like Xbox.

We've known that for what, 14 years?

Blaze929969d ago

In other news, the urban community still buys 99% of Nike Air Jordans. What else is new

Lennoxb63968d ago

That's actually no where near true. Most Jordans are bought by people living in suburban areas.

Blaze929968d ago

"suburban"...sub-... ."urban"

Go away.

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