XSEED Games Announces Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space

Standing as a direct predecessor to the series’ first North American release (Earth Defense Force 2017, known as Earth Defense Force 3 in Japan), and widely regarded by fans as the best entry in the franchise, Earth Defense Force 2 is making its way to the western hemisphere for the very first time with this greatly expanded remake.

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dead_pixels1297d ago

Between this and Corpse Party they're on fire today!

ZaWarudo1297d ago

Is that the actual logo for the game? because i'm loving the retro 50s look.

dead_pixels1297d ago

Indeed it is! I dig the look as well.

ChronoSloth1297d ago

Awesome news! Such a great, dumb, fun franchise.

bOObies1297d ago

All good news Xseed... Now get to work on the Senran Kagura Estival Versus port for the love of God...

Skate-AK1297d ago

Nice. Will end up getting. Played a lot of 2017.

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