UGO Live from E3: Hands-On Far Cry 2

UGO writes: "Of all the games at E3, there were very few that left a lasting impression like Far Cry 2 has. I loved the first Far Cry game. The experience was defined by the limitless options players had when approaching any given conflict. I often found myself starting a fight, backtracking a quarter-mile and then re-engaging the area from a new location. Thankfully, Far Cry 2 has taken everything that I loved about the first title (open world, vehicles, amazing graphics) and left all the bad parts out to pasture (mutant ape storyline, I'm looking at you).

In fact, absolutely nothing about Far Cry's story is being carried over to the new adventure. Jack Carver is gone, you take the role of one of eight mercenaries sent to the wilds of Africa and you're on a mission to take down some weapons dealer going by the name, "The Jackal". Now, if the game play alone isn't going to bring back to the shooter, know that this time the adaptive story seems to be the sort of thing that only comes along once in a blue moon. It's the kind of experience that every designer should be pushing for."

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