Never Forget Them: Tifa and Barret

Eyes on FF: Welcome everyone to Never Forget Them! Do you ever get bored of hearing about Squall and Rinoa, Yuna and Tidus, or maybe even about Zell and hot dogs!? Okay, who am I kidding, no one gets tired of Zell and his hot dogs. Don't you worry, because Pumpkin is here to guide you on an exploration of the lesser known Final Fantasy relationships! Whether they be friends, rivals, love-triangle participants, or just some lost potential, we'll discuss them here and pay them the respect and attention they deserve! Join me as the series explores and celebrates the lesser shown characters and their inspiring, interesting, and impressive relationships!

For our first edition, we'll venture into one of the more popular games, Final Fantasy VII. I'm very excited to write about this one because I think it is one of the more under-appreciated gems of the game. This relationship is between none other than Miss Tifa Lockhart and Mister Barret Wallace. From the beginning these two are shown to have a friendly connection, although sadly it isn't well explored. I would have loved to see more backstory on the two!

Let's get started by exploring different aspects of their relationship.

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1291d ago
Lon3wolf1291d ago

Tifa won't be forgotten lol, its the name of my youngest daughter :D

Splatoon1291d ago

I hated Zell and everything about him. Tifa and Barrett were cool though.

MrChow6661291d ago

Zell is from Final Fantasy VIII

Splatoon1291d ago

I know. I meantioned him because this person says no one disliked Zell.

MrChow6661291d ago

oh ok then, I didnt like him either :D

medman1291d ago

Good article...I did forget!! I needed the reminding.

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