Witcher 3 XBox One Patch 1.03 Out "In Just a Few Hours"

CD Projekt Red Announced the News on Its Forums

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MRBIGCAT1293d ago

Awesome news! Can't wait to DL!

just_looken1292d ago

For people like this person do not download the patch on ps4 it has done more harm than good.

33 ingame loading screens in 9min 1.03

Look at the 1.03 issue threads in the tech section:

Digital_Anomaly1293d ago

Will it fix my 'cannot save the game right now' glitch? I love everything about this game but that glitch is killing me right now!

Kal8531292d ago

My thoughts exactly, I'm having the same problem. The article says they're already working on the next patch after this one, so hopefully that'll address the issue.

Digital_Anomaly1292d ago

I've had a few instances where I've been playing for some lengthy stretches and lost it all due to this glitch. I've gotten to the point where I do a hard reset of my console before booting up the game EVERY SINGLE TIME.

WizzroSupreme1292d ago

Thank goodness, maybe now I'll finally get The Witcher 3 now.

bananaboats1292d ago

not everyone is experiencing those issues. These are minor glitches that I (have yet to see so it shouldnt have kept you from playing this game.

TheGreatGamer1292d ago

Yes, this fixes the save glitch and locks fps @ 30

Spudinator2171292d ago

Im downloading the update right now, only one question if its locked at 30 fps, will it ever rise above that?

arkard1292d ago

No, if it's locked it does not rise above.

Spudinator2171292d ago

Thats a shame cos ive hardly had a problem at all, when I entered a cave with a torch on the ladies of the wood quest, the fps dropped alot, apart from that its been real smooth and I watched a comparison video the other day and the fps was better on xbox than ps4, with the xbox going up to 40fps at times, would of liked to have kept that advantage, but I love the game anyways and have Blood of Elves book beside me :)

arkard1292d ago

It should appear smoother though with it locked at 30. When the frame rate goes up to 40 fps then drops suddenly to 30 you get that noticeable drop. If it's just stuck at 30 you should have much less stuttering and dropping of frames.

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The story is too old to be commented.