Call of Duty Zombies Leaked For the PS Vita?

Call of Duty Zombies has been leaked for the PS Vita. That's right, the extremely popular Call of Duty Zombies could very well be making its way over to the Playstation Vita.

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pwnsause_returns1057d ago

Let's hope it plays good on vita.

breakpad1057d ago

lame game for Vita ..Sony will never learn

Foraoise1057d ago

You have one bubble. I can see why.

ocelot071056d ago

You do mean Activison right? As there the one who own the IP not Sony. It would actually be pretty good if "ACTIVISION" did this but also bring it to other platforms. As people like my self who don't buy COD games anymore. Will buy this as the zombies mode was actually pretty decent.

1056d ago
ZaWarudo1057d ago

That's actually pretty awesome.

Godz Kastro1057d ago

This is a great co-op game. it better have it or dont even bother.

vergilxx31057d ago

it's not official and there were cod rumors before so this is probably fake or made up by vitaboys they are known for making false info

Kal-V31057d ago

Vita Boys are DEFINITELY know for making up false info.

eddieistheillest1057d ago

Ahhh I didn't know that . 😕

vergilxx31057d ago

Well now you do, sorry about that we all want it to be true

Stsonic1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

I wonder if this is a swonsong to say thank you and appease Western buyers of the Vita.

My heart is telling me fake though.

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The story is too old to be commented.