Lords of the Fallen 2 to launch in 2017

Lords of the Fallen 2 won't be released until 2017, and German developer Deck 13 - co-developer of the original - will not be involved.

CI Games boss Marek Tyminski also told me at Digital Dragons in Poland that sales of Lords of the Fallen 1 had passed 900,000.

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Satyre281295d ago

It will be an X1 exclusive wont it? That studio is now apart of Microsoft studios correct?

JWiLL5521295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

I don't believe that's correct.

They became an official Xbox publisher, which means they can publish titles on Xbox Live. They had 4 planned for release, not necessarily developed in house (kind of like how Bethesda publishes some games).

Deck13 said it was indie titles, not Lords of the Fallen.

Tweet from Deck13:

JackEffinBlack1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

City Interactive Games owned by Microsoft? Do you have a link to that? The original was published by Square-Enix...where did you hear about an Xbox One exclusive? Just seems like you're reaching. :-/

shloobmm31295d ago

Hes basing it off them saying they were now an official xbox developer and had 4 games in the making.

Magicite1295d ago

and I thought Lords of Fallen flopped?
Low scores and low sales.

Xavior_Reigns1295d ago

It's pretty far off then but it gives them a lot of time to make a fantastic game. The first was flawed but very much enjoyable, at least for me.

fei-hung1295d ago

I bought this game as a warm up to Bloodborne, but I was pleasently surprised at how well it played and how much fun it was. I would love to get a sequel and see a better combat system as well as improving enemies; some of the NPC's were just super difficult as they wouldn't drop their shields.

Xavior_Reigns1295d ago

Absolutely, I did the same thing. I'm just pissed that my save file corrupted and to top it off, my friend broke the disc! Of course he's paying for my GOTY edition supposedly releasing next month.

fei-hung1295d ago


Didn't you have a save file uploaded to the cloud?

Shinuz1295d ago

As a fan of the souls serie i thoroughtly enjoyed lords of the fallen.

Maxor1295d ago

This game fell short of the Souls series but you gotta give them credit where credit is due. It was a pretty good 1st effort though the it felt like they ran out of money and had to push the game out the door.

However by 2017 they could competing with Bloodborne 2 so they really need to get it right.

IamTylerDurden11295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Deck13 said they had started production on Lords of the Fallen 2 and now they won't even be working on the game

I loved Lords of the Fallen on PS4 i thought it was the most underrated game this gen, i love Deck13 and am mortified they aren't involved in LotF 2.

Honestly i am still interested in this game but 2017 is a major letdown. I will closely follow Deck13's new project with Focus Home Interactive. Here's to both projects being successful, but you made a fatal error letting Deck13 go. Doubt LotF 2 will live up to the first.

This game will certainly be multiplatform as the first sold nearly 4x as many copies on PS4 as xbone and the ip doesn't have the cache to succeed on xbone alone.

Father__Merrin1295d ago

Why did I trade LOF I want it back it's a prwttyvgood gamr

dizeestl1295d ago

rented it, it was decent but a welfare version of dark souls. no online play was a huge miss too

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