The Witcher 3’s PC Patch Coming Monday; 1.04 For PS4/Xbox One Will Fix Font for More than Subtitles

The patching schedule of the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been quite quick, and another hotfix is coming on Monday, fixing the glitch that affected experience points distribution through the game. On the other hand patch 1.04 for consoles will fix the font size for more than subtitles.

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Gwiz969d ago Show
airshiraz969d ago

i need a tesselation patch plzzz and improved draw distance

SeanScythe969d ago

I understand the desire for better draw distance...but really you need it to be better? It's already pretty awesome. It's not like it affects game play, the only thing it's for is so you can look at the view when on top of a high point.

airshiraz969d ago

cities have really poor draw distance but trees and mountains dont have this problem at all and that so weird

airshiraz969d ago

i really need a complete save game for witcher 3 do u have it?

Relientk77969d ago

Just make almost all the font bigger especially the inventories and shops

dumahim969d ago

Yeah, that's the part that has bugged me the most.
That and the names above their heads. Especially when they're in red, it's hard to read when they're moving around.

Enmson969d ago

PC4? didn't know that the PC had a 4th generation :P

dumahim969d ago

Maybe it's the oncole they mentioned.

FrostXVenom969d ago

Next PC patch will be for new particle effect...

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The story is too old to be commented.