File size revealed for Xbox One version of Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

The file size for the Xbox One version of Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition has been revealed.

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Lord-Nicon1270d ago

20 gb, my external 1tb is already sweating

Skate-AK1270d ago

I wouldn't doubt it. I wish my PS4 had external drive support. I filled my 1tb up months ago and have been recycling my last 100gb for physical game installs.

pivotplease1270d ago

I'm thinking about the 2TB internal Seagate but waiting just in case 3s and 4s are around the corner. 1TB definitely seems like a waste of time in comparison. Not a fan of the externals since I have limited space in my set up already.

spunkee3111270d ago

Soooo is there going to be a physical version of this game?

rezzah1270d ago

Yep, but only in Japan.

Good news is I heard the Japanese version has an English option.

spunkee3111269d ago

Disappointing.. Especially with the space issues we are encountering this gen. Plus I prefer physical copies. I would not want to go with a Japanese release.

theshredded1270d ago

hopefully this is a better port than Ultra Street Fighter IV

DoggyBiscuit1270d ago

Me personally I don't understand why they remaking this game, is good game don't get me wrong but is not like current gen owners asking for this game

gamer78041270d ago

its nice for people who never got a chance to play or finish the previous game, i got about 1/4 so nice i can now play on a nextgen console and be able to record video and screeenshots. I was a bit surprised to hear this announcement though.

jetlian1270d ago

Been had it lol. First day it went up and saw it was 25 l thought it was priced wrong l ordered it with the quickness.

Seems capcom liking 20-25 for digital.

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