The Top 11 Best Superhero Games of All Time

There's no doubt that superheroes have received their fair share of really horrible games but in amongst the rubble there are some amazing titles to play too. From classic arcades to today we break down our top 11 games in the cape and tights department.

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Paulhammer965d ago

Great list! I have very fond memories of Ultimate Alliance, and Batman is undeniably excellent.

generalwinter965d ago

Definitely can't argue with the Batman choices - what an amazing job they did of making superhero games good again!

Digital_Anomaly965d ago

I can't help but think that Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions could have been on there. I loved that game!

Also, I WISH Deadpool had have been good enough to warrant a spot here but it didn't quite live up to what it could have been. It was funny though... the 'Merc with a Mouth' portion of the game did not disappoint!

MRBIGCAT965d ago

COMPLETELY AGREE! I loved Shattered Dimensions. Kinda sad how the spidey video game franchise has taken a nose dive over the past few years.

GT67964d ago

probably because Amazing spiderman 1/2 was Craptastic.

r3f1cul965d ago

i cant even tell you how sad i was to find out ultimate alliance was dead... wish that debacle would get cleared up so i can have another sometime, absolutely loved the shit out of those games, my first completed game on 360 was the original UA

Masterofwiiu3ds965d ago

Not a bad list, but Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction deserves a place on any list like this.

trikster40964d ago

Totally agree. That game was fun

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