Teen Slasher ‘Summer Camp’ Reveals First Screenshots, Multiplayer Details

J Station X: Teen horror game Summer Games reveals its first screenshots and multiplayer details. The upcoming PC, PS4 and Xbox One game is an homage to slasher films.

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theXtReMe11293d ago

This is one of my most anticipated titles. I just hope the Friday The 13th like feel translates to fun gameplay. The AI of the killer has to be top notch, in order to create a constant threat for the player, as a counselor. The same goes for counselor AI, which has to differ from person to person and make for a fun time trying to kill each of them.

If these are in game screenshots, then it looks incredible. I grew up watching every one of the Friday films, as many times as I could. Ive been longing for a game that captured the look and feel, since watching the films. Its nice to know that many of the same people involved with the greatest of the Friday films, are on board for this project. Cant wait to play it!

Juiceid1293d ago

Between this and Until Dawn my horror quota is fulfilled!

captainexplosion1293d ago

This and Until Dawn will be incredibly hard to pull off, but if they do they have the potential to be really special. Is this coming to PS4 but not XB1?

Jasmino9241293d ago

Summer Camp will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. No word on a release date yet, though.

qwertyone1293d ago

How many of there will there be?
-Last Year
-Friday the 13th
-Summer camp.....

There is prolly some coming i haven't heard about.
Not saying these will be bad but i see a supersaturated market.

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