Batman: Arkham Knight gets one of the cheapest PS4/XO preorders yet

Dealspwn: It's about time you got that Batman: Arkham Knight preorder sorted isn't it? How about a PS4 or Xbox One deal for just £36.76? This also comes with the Harley Quinn DLC. Use the voucher code below to get this super hot deal. We ran a deal about £1 cheaper a while back, but this is the cheapest console deal I've seen for a while and could be the cheapest preorder we'll see now before the June 23rd release date.

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Blues Cowboy1270d ago

Amazed at some of these deals so close to release date, especially since they're physical rather than serial key resale.

philm871270d ago

Could get the steelbook edition for £35 from Tesco Direct a while back when preordering another game. Got the Witcher 3 and MGS V Phantom Pain from there for £35 each. Preordered Dying Light at £30. Just got to shop around.

Seafort1269d ago

I got Batman Arkham Knight Premium Edition for £23.75 on PC.

After WB tried to charge £33 just for the season pass as well.

They can kiss my ass :)