Don’t see the ‘3’ in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s logo? There’s a good reason for that

CD Projekt Red played down the fact it’s a sequel in order to attract new players. It's a tactic that's paid off.

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vikingland1929d ago

I see it plain as day. |||

bomajed929d ago

but before, the logo was like this

They hide the 3 so that new comers don't feel afraid to jump in because they missed out on the previous titles (It's a sequel of course, but it's a stand alone title also)

HammadTheBeast929d ago

Yeah, I personally do think they did a good job of introducing returning characters. The dialogue options combined with Dandilion's notes are pretty well done.

nX929d ago

Yeah they didn't market it as the third game in a series but I wonder who cares about how they market their game lol
You don't need to know the universe or the characters to enjoy it so I don't see a problem with their approach, I'm actually glad that they are successful with it.

Dirtnapstor929d ago

I like the fact that the "3" was removed, especially since this is new-gem only. But yes it's an obvious "3"; also reminds me of Eredin's helmet.

Vermigs929d ago

I think they were aiming for it to look like his helmet being the king of the wild hunt and all.

Blurmobjet929d ago

Um. Who can't see the 3?
What else does III mea...




skulz7929d ago

It's a clever tactic. Hard-core fans will see the III, whereas new players won't and will not feel intimidated.

Kurisu929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

I've never played a Witcher game but I can quite clearly see that III = 3 xD

It being a sequel doesn't put me off wanting to play it eventually, the game looks great.

rextraordinaire929d ago

I don't think any gamer never heard of the witcher tho

GameBoyColor929d ago

I never heard of the series until witcher 3 was announced and got huge hype from my bandwagoning cousin lol.

HammadTheBeast929d ago

Witcher 1 was pretty obscure, but Witcher 2 was pretty well known because it came out of nowhere and was so good. Witcher 3 got a ton of traction, especially since they spent $25 mill on advertising it.

StarLord_Who929d ago

It hasn't been The Witcher 3 for months...

Ashby_JC929d ago

I think it was a smart move as many console only gamers never played the first one and the second one wasnt a huge hit.

I myself played the 2nd one on 360 and felt it was meh and was probably better on a PC.

Im liking the Wild Hunt for sure. But for me ....I always hit a wall messing around with side quests and get bored. So what im doing is trying to stay the course with the main quest.

So far so good!!

Allsystemgamer929d ago

All the sidequests have unique stories. A lot are Ctually better than the main quest lol

Ashby_JC929d ago

I have done a few side quest to level up.

I started one and realized that the monster I was going up against was 5 levels higher then me....stopped that right away!!

I dont have much free time so if I start getting to much into side quests ill never finsih the story lol.

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