Senran Kagura: Estival Versus adds Ayame in July, Ayane in August, and Battle Vixens in September

Marvelous has confirmed the arrival months for new Senran Kagura: Estival Versus characters Ayame, Ayane, and the girls of Battle Vixens.

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bOObies1235d ago

Ayane looks amazing in SKs art style. I'm so glad DOA and SK are collaborating like this. Let's hope it continues on.

Senran Kagura is such an amazing series, join me in a port to the west for Estival Versus, I imported it but would love some English text to understand the conversations.

Long live Senran Kagura!! ^_^

ZaWarudo1235d ago

Amen to that. I hope to see Ayane and the Ikkitousen girls in action soon, SKEV is such a gorgeous looking game.

Nonscpo1235d ago

Yomi, Ryona, & Haruka! nough said ;)

Nonscpo1235d ago

This remind's me, I need to watch the Ikkitousen anime!

IrisHeart1235d ago

I'm still waiting on dat western PS4 release.


TwilightSparkle1234d ago

Hakafuuuu! Yes cant wait till it comes over here!