Is the Vita now a legacy system or not? Sony's message is confusing

Chalgyr's Game Room writes

It was not terribly long ago that I was a bit down on Nintendo for their various mixed messaging to customers. Now Sony is giving us a taste of the same. It was first mentioned a couple of days ago that SCE chief executive officer Andrew House referred to the PS Vita as a legacy system. As the internet is prone to doing, many people kind of lost their minds over this as the Vita has been touted as a big part of Sony's plans going forward, including pairing it with the PS4. Since then there has been a bit of backtracking on the part of Sony.

Sony since said that they were referring to older models of the handheld. Still, those models do very little differently from the current versions and at the end of the day, there does appear to be waning support for the handheld. To hear House use terms like 'vibrant' and 'strong' in addressing the system's popularity in Asia, one would assume that Sony might still have some big plans for the handheld console.

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yewles11269d ago

It's not confusing at all, it's immediate back-peddling after causing an uproar to those that stil just bought one recently.

joeorc1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

LoL , you would have to have a issue to back peddle on though...

example: saying that its a legacy platform now does exactly what for the PSVita? Pretty much nothing, because in the past 3 years now the PSVita has not really sold all that well in the West anyway.

the Statement house made was about the 3GG WiFi model, because they do not make that Model anymore now...they wrote off those components because they did not sell as much of those as the Wifi model.

Even still , no matter what ever be that 3GG/ Wifi? Slim its not selling all that well outside of Asia and japan, so back peddle on something like talking about the west market and the PSVita performance in it is pretty moot now in my opinion.LOL

If Sony so happens to see the west market as for the viability of the PSVita as a Legacy platform in the west, nothing has really changed anyway at this point.

Most of the releases are in the west digital Downloaded any way most likely now many times the 8GB flash card is a pack in, and most of the games that are releasing for it are legacy ps1, or Indies, or many times japanese smaller size games that you can fit more than a few on that 8GB blank card anyway.

Its been pretty clear where the main interest into the PSVita as a platform is for not only developers but also consumers, and that is mainly Asia and japan.

what's ironic in Asia and japan , right now the PSVita is outpacing the PS4, in weekly sales numbers in those regions.

Asia and Japan market for the PSVita is pretty healthy than it has ever been than in the west.

Apollosupreme1267d ago

A lot of the biggest games to release for PSP were from Japanese devs. If the Vita in the west will be focused toward Japanese Vita game ports then that's not all gloom and doom because a lot of good games come out of there.

Apollosupreme1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Or maybe he's just paraphrasing what he initially said because he was misunderstood? A professional of his level doesn't make such collasal miscalculations. Clearly he would know that all Vita customers would freak out no matter when the announcement comes if the message is that the Vita and all devices under that umbrella are being discontinued. This isn't rocket science.

Nonscpo1269d ago

Kind of a week article, not really having a strong position on anything and just regurgitating facts most people are already aware of.

arkaeviz1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I am a vita user for over 3 years now and the upcoming E3 is the last conference that will make me decide on what I'd do with my vita.