Nintendo Apologizes For Splatoon Shortages In Japan

Splatoon continues to exceed expectations. Nintendo of Japan has issued an apology for the scarceness of Splatoon copies in stores across Japan.

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wheresmymonkey1216d ago

Nintendo's original draft of the offical statement.

"We're terribly sorry the game is not available to purchase in stores at the moment. We will endevour to rectify this situation... soon. Please Understand that it is also currently AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON THE ESHOP, if you didn't want to wait for us to print more copies. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FOR THE SAME PRICE ON THE ESHOP! JUST GET IT OFF THE ESHOP WE MAKE MORE MONEY THIS WAY!"

eyeofcore1216d ago

Sure... Claim that despite the game got some restock on its launch day and has a restock on friday/today.

wheresmymonkey1216d ago

Its a joke.... You know jokes...

3-4-51215d ago

* It's a new IP, so Nintendo can only take so much risk.

You don't print a million copies of a brand new IP you aren't sure will be successful.

So they printed an amount that would satisfy their sales needs and show them people are interested in the game without them wasting money or stock.

* They sold over 80% of their shipment initially and they obviously didn't plan on people liking the game this much.

They hoped it would be in demand as it is, but they didn't know for sure.

Now they do, and they can adjust accordingly.

How do you people not understand this ?

Why always jump to such irrational conclusions?

* They played this smart in a business sense in that they didn't over commit just in case it didn't catch on.

Trolls will be trolls though.

freshslicepizza1215d ago

the days of having old stock of cartridges that cost a lot of money to sit there are gone. as long as it's also available on the nintendo shop that's fine and people can wait a week if they have to but it would be interesting to see how low of shipments they did send out.

gerbwmu1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

This has to be a good sign.....meanwhile in the US.....lines around the block at stores for......Amiibos which are probably already listed on ebay. At least a couple of the Amiibo buyers also walked out with a Splatoon

Concertoine1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I just bought this at target and got a damn splatoon water gun. I feel like i'm a kid, hah.

wonderfulmonkeyman1215d ago

You sure?
Maybe you're a squid now?XD

Germany71215d ago

The game looks inkredible.

Concertoine1215d ago


Dammit, that pun was gonna be in my review.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1215d ago

amazing game! I am on level 8.

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