Need For Speed will be always-online, so it had better learn from The Crew's mistakes

Dealspwn: ""Being connected will allow your friends to be part of your narrative experience, something only possible through connected play."


That was the sound of me gnawing my keyboard in sheer frustration."

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TheImprobableMulk1293d ago

If it's done well the always-online route is fine, but thanks to SimCity I expect EA will have their work cut out for them to prove that is the case.

Blues Cowboy1293d ago

It annoys me that companies shove this stuff in for no reason. Why couldn't The Crew have had offline play and online freeroam? Why do publishers shove in features that the game actually doesn't need, then blame literally everyone else when their servers aren't up to snuff?!

Maul_T_Pass1293d ago

Because always online isn't about features. It's a form of DRM. Guarantee this game suffers performance issues becasue of this.

DarkOcelet1293d ago

Thats another game i wont buy.

What happens when idiots like The Lizard Squad numb nuts disable the online services like last year. It will be useless.

When will EA ever learn?

I can see this game will fail big time.

nX1293d ago

^Not only DRM but always-online is also being used for monitoring player behaviour, online statistics and all this kind of creepy stuff. Only the 'big' publishers are doing it and they are doing it to maximize something that shouldn't be maximized within game development - namely mass appeal.

ChronoJoe1293d ago

Always online is never fine, because at the end of the day you don't own the game, and they can terminate the service at any time.

Always online merely gives these big publishers more control, so that they can pull content away from you and redirect you to new services when the time is viable. It's a long-term means of getting more cash from consumers, as if you take away their ability to play legacy titles then they're forced forward onto newer experiences, where they are required to shell out again. It also enables the developers to target more consumers with their DLC efforts, as if everyone is online then everyone is made aware that DLC is available, and views other players with tthe DLC.

Ultimately there's absolutely no reason games like this cannot have singleplayer functionality, other than greed that is.

lelo2play1293d ago

"Need For Speed will be always-online"

EA doesn't learn... *shakes head*

Was mildly interested in Need For Speed, but now, interest is completely gone.

deaddragonz1293d ago

My excitement for this game went from a 10 (the announcement and hope of a real Underground 3) down to a 9 (Announced as Underground-ish) to about a 5 (online required) -_-

-Foxtrot1293d ago

I'm going to learn from the Crews mistakes since it's always online

...don't buy it


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bggriffiths1293d ago

With any luck there'll be an immediate Beta at E3 and we and EA can test it out. Same goes for Battlefront

Blues Cowboy1293d ago

That'd be great, actually, especially if they staggered the betas and offered unique unlockable cosmetic items in the full game for testers. Everybody wins.

MrSwankSinatra1293d ago

Need for Speed is dead, I doubt this new one will turn a new leaf for players.

Blues Cowboy1293d ago

Ghost Games have the talent, a bunch of them are ex-Criterion. Whether they have the right idea/direction for the franchise is another thing entirely.

TBH I don't really care about NFS, though. Gimme more BurnOut, please.

deaddragonz1293d ago

I found my old PS2 gane "Juiced" yesterday. I remember loving Juiced 2 on ps2.,I wouldnt mind whoever bought the rights, if they made another one.

GiantFriendlyCrab1293d ago

so when EA shuts the servers you cant play the game anymore.

Agent_00_Revan1293d ago

Welcome to the 'future' of gaming. o.O

Afreelunch1293d ago

I never really liked the cheesy "fast n furious" style of the Underground series, but if they can successfully combine that with classic NFS stuff like cop chases and exotic cars, then I'm all for it... as long as I can still get some enjoyment out of the game when I "cannot connect to EA servers."

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