In-Game XMB PS3 Title Compatibilty List

Neocrisis - From my own testing these are the games i have tested, and would like others to comment with their own games to we can build a list of games and how integrated they are the the in-game xmb stuff.

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legendkilla3769d ago

sad to see that only 2 games support in game music... get er done!

ps3fosho3769d ago

and really sad to see developers being lazy and not patching games

kwicksandz3769d ago

wow not even sony first partys support ingame music. What good is a feature if no one implements it.

ActionBastard3769d ago

I wouldn't chalk it up to being lazy, but rather devs prioritizing their support for new/upcoming titles. It isn't their fault XMB/soundtracks were implemented after their games released. Just keep looking forward, same as the devs, and it will work out.

ps3FTW3769d ago

Yeah it sucks but three if you count Folding @ Home.

whoelse3768d ago

It does take time to patch these games so i hope these patches will arrive.

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QueefyB3769d ago

hahaha these are the same guys who said sony will be the loser this gen they are on crack cocaine obviously

UnSelf3769d ago

wtf is the point of this list? no game supports music

QueefyB3769d ago

wow all the games are compatible i am pleasantly surprised

QueefyB3769d ago

i wonder if all xbox 360 games can withstand the radiation from the console i hear gears of war 2 crashed at e3 because of the poor quality of the xbox 360

SnakeShady3769d ago

I know that you have a lot of bubbles but why you don't make a single comment instead of 3?

Tmac3769d ago

Do not test QueefyB!

doshey3769d ago

u got some nerve questioning QueefyB

juuken3769d ago

Good to see ya Queefy. :]

ThatCanadianGuy3769d ago

Im starting to understand why the 360 fanboys hate you's so much
If Queefy was an xbot spamming comments he'd be b!tched at 24/7

but because he's pro-Sony it's okay..?


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The story is too old to be commented.