FIFA 16's Female Teams Are Great For Sport And Video Games

It might just be the most progressive thing EA has done in years. Perhaps ever.

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KryptoniteTail1023d ago

God, "progessive," get out of my face with this SJW crap.

Hoffmann1023d ago

Game Journalism can be so terrible these days. =/

brish1023d ago

Hate to break it to you but game journalism has been terrible for decades. It's not a new issue.

Anthotis1023d ago

What a waste of resources. Nobody's going to play as the female teams.

Perhaps, they're hoping SJWs will buy the game just for the sake of it, even though they won't actually play it.

Scrivlar1023d ago

Really good to see female teams in it. Shame it won't have club teams as well as internationals but I'm sure they will come in time.

Der_Kommandant1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

I'll pass on this one, no disrespect but when your biggest feature is that you can choose women and the game looks exactly like the last one. Instead of focusing on creating a new gen engine etc.

hesido1023d ago

I approve this. A lot of people will find it pointless though, they probably want development money go elsewhere. However, once this is included, maintaining it shouldn't be too costly. It's the same core game every year anyway, iterating on the previous.

KingPin1023d ago


Manager: "i heard you have a problem with your contract, whats wrong?"
Woman: "Nothing, im fine"

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