DirectX 12: A Game Changer for Xbox One and PC?


"So much hinges on the potential of DirectX 12. Here we analyse how gamers and developers can benefit from it."

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Silver3601214d ago

Remember when all the talk was dx12 was not coming to X1? That was obviously wrong. We really need to wait and see what happens.

TheRedButterfly1214d ago

"Because the new API's true capabilities remain to be seen on the Xbox One, it's not completely clear whether or not the update will serve to extend the console's performance."

Well, considering how the Xbox One was developed around the idea of DX12 ( ), and the fact that it /still/ doesn't have its intended API, if you're being any sort of realistic, it's hard to imagine a scenario where it doesn't "extend the console's performance."

How much it extends it depends on several things, but to say that "meh, it might not do anything" is laughable. Nice try though GameSpot. At least this wasn't as "well researched" as Lucy James' understanding of the XO settings menu.

That said, it's definitely a game changer for PC. Can't wait to see what Vulkan can do as well.

XB1_PS41214d ago

It will help, but I don't see it being some drastic change. That said, I'm mostly a PC gamer, so this is going to be amazing for me.

Utalkin2me1214d ago

Glad it's going to help my PC gaming.

freshslicepizza1214d ago

all signs point to significant improvements on the pc, the xbox one is not as enthusiastic so we'll have to wait and see.

one thing is clear, those who have been critics of the xbox one will keep up the same tactics. that's sadly the way it works on forums.

Septic1214d ago

I expect some changes on Xbox One but no where near drastic like some people imagine it to be. Still, I am eager to see what it can do for the console

xfiles20991214d ago

yeah I agree I don't see it doing much for Xbone but for PC complete different story

christocolus1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )


I agree. The PC is going to be the biggest beneficiary of DX12,but there will be some gains on Xbox One much? now that's what no one knows at the moment. Maybe at E3 we will get some clarification on the matter,so far the the new esram api and new rendering features seem to be some of the major benefits of DX12 on Xbox One.

"Async Shaders are something that the PlayStation 4 already uses in a variety of games such as Infamous: Second Son (the Async shaders helped the PS4 render the particle effects seen in-game). A similar effect will likely come to Xbox One games utilising similar rendering methods. In practice, this means more rendering ability, potentially paving the way for enhanced visual effects."

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Rookie_Monster1214d ago

Can't wait for the first wave of xb1 direct 12x games like Forza 6 and Halo 5 to find out. My guess, it will be awesome!

Hoffmann1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

A lot of hot air about improvements that will most likely be quite small. Especially on the Xbone while they might be significant a few times on PC.

I can be wrong of course but my gut tells me that this is mostly marketing by Microsoft.

Ron_Danger1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

The improvements to PC have already been proven by a few devs. There was that dev vid of a futuristic RTS games where the framerate are was aweful with DX11 but ran like butter using DX12. That was proof alone that it great improves PC performance. (Sony fan here with a mid range gaming PC so my facts might be slightly off)

(Edit for vid link)

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