NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU Gaming Performance Leaked

Nvidia GeForce 980 Ti specs are leaked :

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti has 96 ROPs.The most important news: there are as many ROP units on GTX 980 Ti as on TITAN X. This is probably why GTX 980 Ti does so well in gaming benchmarks, making it almost impossible to differentiate the two.

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Articuno761271d ago

That's odd. It should look like a graphics card.

mikeslemonade1271d ago

$300 more than the GTX 980. On the same settings the card was only able to get 95 frames compared to 90 frames on the GTX 980.

90/95 = 9.4% increase. $300 more for 9.4% increase not that great.

xTheMercenary_1270d ago

@mikeslemonade Your maths is off the increase is even less its like 5.5-5.6% so it makes it even worse.

Lordani661271d ago

Same was being said about 780ti, too bad that after about a year it got pretty mediocre.

RedDeadLB1270d ago

It got mediocre? Compared to what?

Lordani661269d ago

ohmygod I love these forums here! Say something negative about a product, even though it's based on facts, you will get thumbs down (facepalm). Based on this:

GPU Rank, it's slightly above 290x, which I know for a fact, doesnt run newer games in 1080p, ultra and 60 fps anymore, it does in 30fps (apart from these games that are lol-ports of old gen consoles lol, like watch dogs) so it's just a matter of time untill these cards wil need to be replaced, but hey, welcome to pc gaming, that' s very normal about it. Look at Titan there (the firs one), just a little over 2 years and it's comparable to 780, which is comparable to R9 280x, which I have, and it's already junk, and I only bought it a year ago. PC Gaming is a fucking disaster.

DrRobotnik1271d ago

How long has it been since the last card was been released?

Articuno761271d ago

Long enough that they've got a stock pile of GTX Titan X's that weren't fabricated well enough to meet spec.

And now that stock pile is significant enough that they can be rebranded GTX 980 Ti's and sold at a price reduction. Better than them sitting in a scrapheap.

Lon3wolf1271d ago

And good news for people that want titan performance for less cash.

AndrewLB1270d ago

Your argument may have some validity if it were not for the fact that the GTX 980ti has the exact same number of TMU's, memory speed, memory bus, etc. The only difference is the number of shader units which are the least likely part of the chip to have issues with during production.

TheHaloGuy1271d ago

Price? Im lookin for a new GPU.

ABizzel11270d ago

Probably $699 for a 6GB version, $799 for one with even more RAM, and higher clocks.

1271d ago
FlameWater1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I don't get the point, why not wait for the new series?

Maxor1271d ago

Yup, people who rushed out and bought the 780 Ti got royally screwed. I'm not sure if Nvidia intentionally gimped the card or if it's a driver bug issue, but the performance on the Witcher 3 really isn't where it should be. So until this situation is resolved I would definitely not invest in a Ti grade class until I'm certain that Nvidia isn't in the business of gimping the last gen to help push their newest wares.

FPSFox1271d ago

There is always something new and better around the corner with graphics cards. We don't even go 6 months without something new dropping. Buy when you needs a card.

BeefCurtains1270d ago

Spot on.... Always something new within 6 months. For me, I'm waiting until the next gen of cards so I can get a big discount on the older ones. I'm thinking a price drop for the GTX 980 is in order by the time the TI is released, or when Oculus is released.

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