Take-Two : Bioshock franchise “really important for us”; series 25M, Infinite 11M

Even though no new BioShock games have been announced, the franchise remains “really important” to publisher 2K Games, parent company Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said today.

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Kal-V3928d ago

I'm a big Bioshock fan and while it won't be the same without Levine and Irrational, i'm looking forward to the next one (while being slightly cautiously optimistic ;P). I did really like 2, especially that DLC ending. Very good.

styferion928d ago

I have a feeling that 'advent' they're teasing is a new Bioshock

Kal-V3928d ago

You...may be on to something there..

opoikl928d ago

If there's one remaster I'd happily pay for, it would be Bioshock Infinite on PS4. The PS3 version felt really lacking having played the original Bioshock on a decent PC (for its time).

For this very reason I couldn't bring myself to replay the campaign so another go in full HD and 60fps would be awesome!

gedapeleda928d ago

Next time buy a PC, no need to support this remaster cancer.

opoikl928d ago (Edited 928d ago )

I'll buy a good PC when my current one dies (gaming is expensive enough as it is, especially living in Western Europe). Bioshock Infinite and a few other gems like Star Citizen alone don't warrant the purchase of yet another way to play games, at least not in my household..

And if this 'cancer' you speak of keeps developers in a healthy financial state while we, the gamers, crave for ever more complicated and expansive gaming universes, I'm happy enough to hold out on any form of aggressive treatment.

Halo2ODST2928d ago

It only came out a few yearsa go, get a grip.

lelo2play928d ago (Edited 928d ago )

Infinite selling 11 million, and still couldn't save Irrational Games?

:o *shocked*

"If I recall correctly, Levine just decided to "kill" Irrational cause he wanted to work on smaller projects."

If that's true, then why didn't he simply go away and leave Irrational alone? Did he really have to disband Irrational games?

Aloren928d ago

If I recall correctly, Levine just decided to "kill" Irrational cause he wanted to work on smaller projects.

Aloren928d ago

@lelo2play Why indeed. My guess would be a mix between inflated ego (Levine is the "soul" of irrational after all...), being on the verge of a burnout, and 2k willing to do whatever he says to keep him.

Also maybe calling the studio "irrational" was a bad omen :D

deadpoolio316927d ago

Um because ALL of Irrational went with him....Irrational was NOT closed down...Know your facts...Technically it didn't even close, THEY changed the name and detached from take two

Aloren927d ago (Edited 927d ago )

"Closing of the studio
On 18 February 2014 it was announced by Ken Levine via an open letter posted on the Irrational Games Website that Irrational Games would be closing. All but fifteen members of the Irrational Games staff would get laid off with the team helping them to find new jobs within and outside of 2K Games and that 2K was now in charge of the BioShock IP. A career day was hosted by Irrational Games for the remaining 75 employees to help seek employment at 57 other studios.[10]

Levine and the 15 remaining members of the team would be creating new, smaller games focusing on a replayable narrative for the core gamers. It was said that Levine's studio will continue to keep the Irrational name, although Take-Two later stated that it was not true.[11] The studio's games will be released digitally with Take-Two/2K Games funding and publishing them.[2] In January 2015, Levine and the remaining staff will form a new studio, the team is currently developing their first game which will be a "first-person sci-fi" game.[12]"

Well, according to this, the facts are that the studio closed down, about 80% of the employees were laid off, the Bioshock IP has nothing to do with them anymore, and the remaining 15 people formed a new studio with a new name ...It doesn't really leave much to interpretation imo.

iNFAMOUZ1928d ago

go back to the water please!!!!
and new main leads!
you can do this

G3n3raL86928d ago

System Shock 3 would even MORE important:)

comebackkid9891928d ago

Aye, system shock isn't bound by the lighthouse mythos.

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