Physical still dominant despite digital shift

The vast majority of console game sales still come from physical stores, new data reveals.

MCV has combined UKIE/GfK Chart-Track data with new figures from SuperData in an effort to show the split between the digital and physical market. And it shows that around 80 per cent of game sales are coming from the boxed market.

However, this is not an exact science. Both data sources utilise different methodologies and they also look over slightly different periods.

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jv19911293d ago

I will always buy my games physical

VVgamer4lifeVV1293d ago

same here physical all the way, since you can always sell or trade physical copies. For Digital to work it needs to have a big reduction in price compared to physical. A new digital game would have to cost about $40 and that would never happen because gaming companies would lose money.

Nonscpo1293d ago

For the most part I prefer my gaming media in physical format, however I do see some convenience for some title to be digital. As long as we have options everybody will be happy :)

Spotie1293d ago

Of course it is, because digital isn't convenient for everybody. And it's not all positives, either. Digital's time has yet to arrive.

Youngindy211292d ago

I buy digital when it comes to handhelds so that I don't have to carry around a bunch of small games and risk losing them. Plus often times PS Vita titles are cheaper digitally.