Beach Buggy Racing available to download at a discounted price on Xbox One

Neil writes "Chances are you've already played Beach Buggy Racing on a mobile device. But hey, who wants to play on the small screen when you get harness the power of Xbox One?"

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ChronoJoe1268d ago

So generic it hurts.

Looks like it could be fun though, with the right people. I'd buy it for a laugh, but I only have the one controller for my XBOX ONE.

Volkama1268d ago

It actually has 6 player split screen. Don't recall seeing that before, but it looks ok.

KrystofKage11268d ago

Bought it, for less than $10 it was no loss.

Pretty generic, reminds me of a mobile game, but there's lots to unlock. Steering seems a bit stiff compared to Mario Kart but each vehicle has pros/cons and can be upgraded when you earn coins.

Fans of cart racing should enjoy this. For that price tag, you can't complain.

StrayaKNT1268d ago

Bought it tonight and played with two friends we really enjoyed it and the customisation was good too it's really fun. Xbox version of Mario kart lol