Need for Speed to require online connection

“[Need for Speed] will require an online connection, but the benefits are nice. More variety and a more rewarding experience with friends,” the publisher said on Twitter.

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crazychris41241236d ago

Why is it so hard to give us a single player without an online connection?

Septic1236d ago

This is crazy. Why on earth does this always need an online connection? Just when things were looking good for the title, they go ahead and slyly mention this on Twitter. Expect another Simcity style furor.

Army_of_Darkness1236d ago

Always-online games at launch have consistently been a complete F#@K up in one way or another... So How much times does this have too fail before they GET THE POINT?!
How hard is it too have an offline single player campaign while having the "online multiplayer" as an optional way too play after completing the single player mode???!
Damn, I miss the good 'ol days...

oasdada1236d ago

Im totally against swearing.but what the F is this S.. MS learned their lesson when the hell will EA?

brish1236d ago

EA fired a CEO over the simcity online fiasco.

I'm guessing it will take three CEO firings for EA to learn.

-Foxtrot1236d ago

See this is the time when swearing on here should be allowed....

What are we supposed to say



"Well Shiver my Timbers"

Grap1236d ago

Unplayable for the first week. I am calling it.

freshslicepizza1236d ago

this is the biggest concern. the track record for these types of games haven't been good. i guess destiny if i recall had a decent launch as far as being able to play.

a game that requires an online connection is not that big of a deal to a lot of people. they just like to act like it is even though a lot of people already have their systems connected online.

there is nothing wrong with developers wanting to make games like this if there is a reason for it. an example would be a game designed to be played with others around the world and a game that can be constantly updated like a mmo game.

more games will be like this because of the cloud technology. this allows them to update games on the fly without having to sign-off.

jv19911235d ago

Thats right moldybread everybody is crying over internet connection but most ppl have internet connection. People always want something to complain about

slappy5081236d ago

Yeah this is dodgy. I think this sort is stunt is counterproductive to what is supposed to do increase sales by reducing piracy, but ironically this puts me off buying the game, certainly not day one as I'm now skeptical about how well it works on launch day, and in sure this puts off many other buyers too

Braid1236d ago

Always online = no buy for me. I'll skip this one just like I skipped The Crew, then.

Thanks, EA. Our hopes for a game that bears the same mechanics as the classic Underground games have suddenly flown away.

xSHADOWx1236d ago

Just because it's online only, doesn't mean it can't have the same mechanics as the classic Underground games...

Braid1236d ago

It actually does, Shadow. Imagine that every racer is an actual player, what would happen after a couple of months, after people move on to another game? The gameplay wouldn't be the same and it wouldn't be as much fun.

sigfredod1235d ago

Me too, i was really hyped by the reebot, now i will vote with my wallet no buy sorry EA

Magicite1236d ago

EA and their DRMs...smh.

Haru1235d ago

AND........fuck this game!

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Sureshot1236d ago

I'd be shocked if there wasn't an always online requirement.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081236d ago

There better have a offline option so i can enjoy the single player mode, otherwise it's gonna be problem.

Hoffmann1236d ago

So they didnt learn that this backfires.
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