Top 10 Video Games That Aged Badly

It’s time to take off those rose tinted glasses and be honest.

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jambola1270d ago

I don't think Mortal kombat aged that badly at all, a bit simple sure, but think it still holds up well enough today.

If your only point on Metroid is no map and a long password i don't think it should really be on the list at all.

I have to agree with ff7 though, but i do think the weird looking characters outside of battle do have a weird charm to them, i think the cutscenes are great too.

Same with Resident evil, i didn't play it when it was new, so maybe people who did found it scarier, but even then i think saying " no reason to revisit" is a bit much

breakpad1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

IMO FF VII has aged well because its world characters are intentionally made "chibi"anime design to produce more humorous and expressive characters ... Is one of these key art features which wont be repeated in possible remake ....that s why i m opposed to the idea of a FFVII remake (which probably will use more adult anime designs) ...FFVII was perfect as it is and must not be touched

cpayne931270d ago

FF vii was very hard to get into because of its age, but once I did I loved it. Just had to give it some time. I agree that star fox hasn't aged well, but the n64 game has aged very well. Goldeneye also hasn't aged well, but I still love it, and I feel like there are aspects of the game you don't find anymore, like the mission design and the way enemies react to getting shot, most enemies today feel like bullet sponges.

I actually played RE recently and really enjoyed it, even if the controls were clunky. I think some old games that didn't age well can still be awesome if you give them a chance, because they often do things well that you don't see with current gaming. They just take a bit more adjustment.

cpayne931270d ago

Just watched the video in full. Why the heck did crash get an honorable mention? That game has aged really well! And although Goldeneye is a bit clunky by today's standards, putting it at the top of the list is really weird. The the way the enemies are animated may be... unhumanlike by today's standards, but it isn't lazy. There are different animations for each part of the body that you shoot, more effort was put there than in modern shooters. It's still a great game imo, nostalgia goggles or no. And I would recommend anyone to try RE if they haven't

Or just play the REmake. But the original is still good, awful voice acting and all.

Pozzle1269d ago

I don't think Goldeneye has aged too badly, tbh. I'm always surprised when it appears on lists like this, because there are far more outdated FPS games out there that a new generation of gamers would have a difficult time getting into. I recently had a 4-player session with some friends who'd never played it before, and once they figured out the controls and which screen their character was on, they had a blast. I was pleasantly surprised by how much they loved it.

I also really love the pre-rendered background from the PSone Final Fantasy games. The character models might be horribly outdated, but I still think some of the backgrounds are really beautiful to look at.

cpayne931268d ago

Some of the backgrounds in ff vii were really good looking, but some were kind of ugly, so it was a little inconsistent.

The main thing about goldeneye is that the controls are so different from modern shooters that most think they feel clunky, and of course realistic graphics don't age as well as cartoony ones. But yeah, goldeneye has aged far better than some games of the same time, like medal of honor. And I still play through it today, there is a challenge to the single player campaign that you don't see in games today. Probably my favorite shooter of all time.

DC7771270d ago

Still, the impact these games had when they first came out will never be matched. At the time they looked great, and the gameplay was something new. The real shame is that those days are over. Now all games seem to look and play the same.

joinsideke1270d ago


the word you're looking for in the title is 'poorly'....

Jyndal1270d ago

Wait....if that's the case, I want to see what the author considers to be games from the same eras that have aged well.

Pozzle1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

It's funny you mention that. The author just did such a list:

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