Ten Most Anticipated Games of E3 2015

Ten Most Anticipated Games of E3 2015

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OpieWinston1271d ago

No one expects Titanfall 2 to hit... Vince even confirmed they aren't bringing any games to E3 this year.

Brotard1271d ago

Need for speed over uncharted?! Crazy if you ask me! Maybe if its another underground

OpieWinston1271d ago

Considering the fact that they just confirmed NFS is going to require an Online connection I think it's funny that they put this.

crazychris41241271d ago

No Just Cause 3 and it's physics based destruction?

IamTylerDurden11271d ago

I love Need For Speed being multiple spots higher than the most anticipated exclusive game this gen, Uncharted 4.

I hate to say i think titanfall 2 is a bit of a jk after being the most hyped game i have ever seen and then being exposed as another mp shooter and not the revolution it was promised to be. It's coming to PS4 but i don't think ppl care nearly as much as xbone gamers cared about the first one. Uncharted is far more anticipated.

Fallout 4 and Mass effect 4 are in another stratosphere as far as legit hype and anticipatilon. I can not wait for those two games. I do miss shepard though and i don't think the next guy/girl will ever live up to Shep's legacy.

Hugely excited about DOOM!!! I respect iD and enjoy the iD tech5, loved the new Wolfensteins from Machine Games and loved Rage.

Excited about GG's new ip Horizon, 2k's Advent sounds intriguing, Red Dead 2, Hellblade, Street Fighter V

My most anticipated thing is Project Morpheus, but my most anticipated game is No Man's Sky. Looking forward to Homefront 2 and Dead island 2 as well.

TheRedButterfly1271d ago

"I love Need For Speed being multiple spots higher than the most anticipated exclusive game this gen..."

Actually, Halo 5: Guardians is #4 and Need for Speed is #5 so... :P

IamTylerDurden11270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I was talking about actual anticipation overall & imo not in terms of list ranking.This was a list of anticipated e3 games i said "this gen". I realize halo is higher on this person's list, i feel like this Uncharted is a more anticipated game than halo 5 and will easily outsell it especially considering PS4 has nearly twice as many potential customers.

The only reason i said "exclusive" was bc Fallout and Mass effect 4 imo are the most highly anticipated it had nothing to do with where halo is on the list. Obviously i saw the stupid list i know where this person listed halo. Wth ppl.

slappy5081271d ago

Not on the list but Im curious to see if the insider was correct about there being an Uncharted trilogy coming.
Id also like to see Mass Effect 4 gameplay seeing as Bioware keep on talking this up, let's see if it matches up to their trumpet blowing

mayankr2681271d ago

So sad
no Titanfall at E3...

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