‘Bloodborne’ Is Merely the Latest Example of Humanity’s Habit of Sucking at Life

Vice: Here we are, with this amazing planet, and all we're doing is screwing it – a habit reflected in the video games we play.

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theXtReMe11268d ago

Long winded attempt at bringing morality to what is meant to be a fun pastime. Gaming is a getaway from the hard choices each of us make everyday. Not something that is meant to portray the way, we as humans, live. Fantasy worlds that allow us to become superheroes in otherworldly places. Do things we never could in reality.

Anyone who tries to draw a line between reality/ human morality to videogames, needs to take a step back and examine their own lives. Figure out why they cant just play and enjoy games for what they are meant to be... Fun.

Movies, TV, games, sports.... All forms of entertainment that are meant to allow us to escape the stress and reality of our lives and become the star gazing kids we once were, all over again. Not over examine who we are and why and the time we are wasting enjoying them.

This anal retentive, overbearing attitude is why the world is so stressed. Too many people reading too much into the simplest of situations, when they should just be enjoying life, our loved ones and the little time we all have together on this earth.

ameliabaz1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

While this article is pretty silly, it's equally silly to assume that video games are not influenced by real life at all, or that all games are intended to be dumb fun that isn't supposed to make you think.

Plenty of games (and books, movies, TV shows etc) reflect the reality of politics, society, media, war, general attitudes, morality, humanity, etc. If a person has fun exploring a game's themes, subtext, and its influence from reality, then what is wrong with that? There are many ways a person can have 'fun' that don't just involve switching off your brain and escaping reality. And it's naive to think that developers/creators/directors/ etc don't want people to think about the media they enjoy and consume beyond "that was fun" or "that wasn't fun".

theXtReMe11268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

When people start reading to much into anything, what happens? They lose interest, it becomes more of a task than an adventure. You lose what was meant to be to what if? I agree that some games have contemplative stories that may mirror our own existence, but even then... if you look to far into them, arent you chipping away at the very reason you sat down to play it? A getaway from everyday. A moment of peace and tranquility that is yours, that allows you to be someone else in some other place and time.

Maybe Im in the low percentile of people that just enjoy a game for what it is and dont look too far into its meaning. Gaming is my time to let my brain rest and absorb this alternate universe that the developer graced me with. I think 90% of the time, I game the other 10. Enjoying the bliss, for a few short moments before I walk back out into the real world and have to deal with the heartache and circumstance that makes up so much of our everday lives.

T2X1268d ago

At my age, I still don't even want to mention games to other adults (Although many I know play and enjoy them as well) There are always the twats who have some idiotic comment to make. Such as "Instead of wasting your time you should read a book" Assuming that I haven't read any fucking books in my life. They act as though everything they've ever read was a literary masterpiece and you discover they count reading magazine articles as "Books". Bottom line, I enjoy what I like and I advise others to do the same. If you told me you enjoy collecting stamps, I certainly would never tell you I thought that was stupid and a waste of time. I Also understand that many non-gamers think every game is Call of Duty and envision two hands holding a gun like most FPS. But in the end games are no more or less than movies or music or any other hobby. People who try to place all sorts of blame on them are kind of misguided in my opinion. Do they reflect our real lives? Sometimes. Is that horrible? Hell NO.

MysticStrummer1268d ago

*Makes note to ignore the Vice site from now on*

Eyesoftheraven1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

This is a relatively decent bite-sized article. The title however is misleading. Also, I was distracted by the interview with George Miller on Mad Max while reading. Brilliant movie, legendary man.

SilentNegotiator1268d ago

This is what we call a "stretch".

And doesn't the cause of the disasters largely hinge on the fact that they accidentally contacted creatures from another dimension(s)?

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