The Onslaught Of Open-World Games Is Just Overwhelming

It seems like every new game that arrives is open-world these days, and bigger than we could've ever dreamed. This trend is becoming very taxing.

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Bigpappy1269d ago

LOL. You all way have cell phone, tablets and plenty of indie games, if you don't want big immersive games. But people who spend big buck on Gaming PC's and consoles(usually buy more games), are quite happy when they get lots of mileage out of their games. Look at the sales of the well made opened games, and that would answer your question.

Developers saw what Skyrim did in sales of what was seen as a modest market. They decided that gamers were looking for Large, detailed, and immersive. Those who did a good job in these areas, ended up with increased sales success. (GTA5, Dragon Age: Inq, The Witcher3...). Expect even more to follow (FF XV...), and I am eternally grateful.

LAWSON721268d ago

Open world game success goes much farther back than Skyrim. Skyrim did well but by no means started the trend.

bjmartynhak1268d ago

Well, I miss the linear 3rd person shooters. The Order 1986 was good but short.

They can also be big and immersive games.

Retroman1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

@BJmart you mean The Order 1886 right??

Not every freakin game need open world game play. gaming community over saturated now.
parents buying 7 year old: call of duty, battlefield , destiny , infamous second son, Assasin creed, Far cry,Uncharted, Gears of war for what??

no variety .... nintendo don't advertise mario,zelda etc.... what's left for parents ?? military/Zombie hack an slash open world games ............sad, open world game over saturate gaming community .

Germany71269d ago

Open-world games are great and immersive, when the developer creates an interesting world to explore, of course. But not every game needs to be open-world, i like to play linear games with a good narrative as well, and it's ridiculous when reviewers complain about a game for not being "open-world" and more linear.
I try to play a lot of games, not just one, and sometimes i want to play a linear game, would be difficult to play only huge open-world games, lol, but anyway, it has space for both styles.

Bigpappy1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

What really needs to happen in my humble opinion, is that Linear games need to be sold at a lower price. I don't want good games to go away because they don't offer as much, but given the choice of where to spend my money, it is always going to more bang for the buck. Open world games can offer many great stories and experiences. Linear can have a more focused, easier to follow story that doesn't take away much of your time.

With opened games I have found that I just need to play one at a time to stay focused. If done right, there is always enough to remind me of the ultimate goal. So I play a few hours here and a few there until I have completed what interest me.

DarkOcelet1269d ago

I highly disagree with that comment on every level.

Open world games can indeed offer many great stories but how many open world games does that exactly? Aside from the new Witcher 3, there are very few with good and interesting stories.

And i have said it before and i will say it again. A 12 hours game ( The Last Of Us/Alien Isolation/Uncharted/Gears Of War, etc etc etc) is much much better than 40 hours games (Watch Dogs/Assassins Creed/Far Cry/ etc etc etc)

You know why because the games i listed has some of the most repetitive crap i have ever seen in my life. Doing the same $hit over and over is not my idea of fun.

Quality is always better than quantity.

Unless you have a game that combine both (GTAV/Witcher 3/Skyrim/Fallout etc etc etc)

But unfortunately those games are very few.

Germany71268d ago

DarkOcelet said it all, you can have a great experience and way better than a shallow open-world game.

DivoJones1268d ago

It's all about execution.. some games are made big for the sake of being big, to boast they have this huge world. I loved Skyrim as much as anyone else, but that world was too big for the story it had. There's lots to explore, but little to gain from most of it. Ultimately people only had to travel to a place once, after that it's all fast travel. And the outcry when a game of this size doesn't include fast travel is even more verbose. Like Burnout: Paradise City or the newest Test Drive game.
GTA 5 handled their world very well. It's definitely big, but the story seems to work with it. Only as the missions get bigger does it ask you to really span the map. Sleeping Dogs (not to be confused with Watch Dogs) is another example of a well-designed open world that's big enough to be big, but small enough you can drive from opposite ends of the map in a few mins.
Price shouldn't hinge solely on the size/scope of a game, but it's replay-ability and quality. i.e. Ryse: Son of Rome and The Order: 1886 should've been $40, they're too short and little reason to play again. GTA 5, Skyrim, Witcher 3 are all a value at $60

SmokingMonkey1268d ago

Do you suffer from open world fatigue?

Timesplitter141268d ago

Game Designers HATE her: Local mom discovers weird old trick to make open world games in less than 1 week

1268d ago
GiantFriendlyCrab1268d ago

Top open world games from june 2015
Just Cause 3
Assassin’s Creed

indies not included

Damn i remember the only open world games i played 10 years ago was san andreas and Need for Speed: Underground 2

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