AMD Catalyst 15.5 Beta Driver Now Available, Improves Performance In Project CARS & The Witcher 3

AMD has finally released a new driver that focuses mainly on Project CARS and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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dreadz741298d ago

Thanks downloading now !!!

brich2331298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I hope this fixes the stut stut stutter on Novigrad!!

Edit. Looks like it improved it by a good amount, walked around at 30fps solid for about 15 seconds, with foliage visability on Medium, before I would get drops in the low 20's and lower.

Takwin1298d ago

I have everything on Ultra, 2500x1600, on 290x and I get an average of 43 fps v-sync, which is amazing at this resolution.

Cueil1298d ago

wait till you get Win 10 and they implement DX12 in the Witcher 3

samchez771298d ago

Is TW3 DX12 ready? I can't wait for DX12. I have CPU bttleneck of sorts and should really help me.....

ChrisW1298d ago


From what I've heard, TW3 "might" get DX12 support. One can definitely hope.

Cueil1297d ago

AMD confirmed it @ChrisW

samchez771298d ago

Already got it and waiting until I get home to install. This game runs beautifully on my 8970m, but a futher boost is always welcome. Apparrently the 10% boost is only for R7, R9, and crossfire cards. See how it goes.

Forcing tesselation at 8x or 16x thru CCC is what you need to do to optimize hairworks.....according to the notes.

ChrisW1298d ago

Well... It's nice to have updates, but when are they going to release a finalized driver instead of a beta?

madmonkey011298d ago

the last finised driver was months ago.

darksky1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

There are never finalized drivers since there are always games that will have some issues. If you mean WHQL certified then I expect they will have one when the 300 series launches.

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